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Doctor Doctor

Ally was down with the flu last week but it escalated to the point where she could not sleep at night cos she just couldn’t stop coughing. Her cough was dry which I thought wasn’t as serious but once she started to have a coughing fit, it would go on and on. It got especially bad one night that I woke Matt and we decided to take her to the doctor. It was close to 4am by this time and I was trying to search online for any 24 hour clinics in our area. I hesitated bringing her to KKH cos I know what the children’s A & E is like and honestly, she wasn’t that sick, just really uncomfortable.

In the end we decided to take her to the 24 hour clinic at Mt Alvernia and I’m glad we did. There is no pediatrician on duty, just a GP which was good enough for me. All the staff were very friendly and helpful, they even helped entertain Max. We were in and out of there in an hour which I consider quite good.

For parents, there is nothing more scary/stressful than needing a doctor late at night. Some people are fortunate enough to have 24 hour clinics nearby. If you don’t, just head to the nearest hospital. Get your child seen by a GP first and consult your pediatrician later on in the day.

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Ally had her ENT appointment today, the last time we went, her ear tubes had already fallen out. There was some fluid in one ear but nothing to cause too much of a concern.

The ENT clinic was crowded as usual but surprisingly the wait wasn’t too bad. She had to have her hearing test first but I had Max with me and there was no way he was going to sit through the test in total silence. Ally had to go in for the test all on her own, she looked a bit unsure but did brilliantly. I was so proud of her!

I asked her what sort of sounds did they play for her to listen to, all she said was that they were soft. From there I knew that she had failed her hearing test. The doctor reconfirmed it and said that she now has glue ear in both her ears. This just means that there is fluid in both her ears. She was surprised at how well Ally could hear us cos based on her bad test results, she expected her hearing to be a lot worse. The thing is, Ally has been dealing with hearing issues from the day she was born. Over time she has learned to compensate for her bad hearing by watching people’s expressions, reading lips and piecing information together. We decided to withhold surgery for now, she’s just getting over the flu and sometimes that can contribute to her poor test results. In three months we will redo her hearing test and if the results are still bad, she’ll get a new set of tubes.

I’ve always wondered why cleft affected children have problems with their ears. Most of the information that I’ve read were very scientific and had lots of medical jargon. This was the clearest explanation that I could find “in cleft palate the muscles that open the Eustachian tube (tensor palatini and levator palatini) have abnormal connections thereby making the tube opening either difficult or impossible”

Whatever her next tests results may be, we’ll get through it. A new set of tubes might just be what she needs.



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A Poppin Penguin Date

Since Ally is such a big penguin fan, there is no way we could miss watching “Mr Popper’s Penguins”.  I’m not a huge Jim Carey fan and I can honestly say that after this movie, neither is Ally. Luckily Grandma offered to babysit Max, he would have been bored 10 minutes into the movie.

Waiting impatiently at the snack stand

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the movie was bad, but for a penguin obsessed four year old, all she wanted to see were the penguins which didn’t appear till about 1/2 hour in the movie.

Mr P and Pal who tagged along for the movie

We watched the earliest screening since from previous experience it seems to be the least popular time and that means it isn’t so bad when Ally starts asking questions throughout the movie.

Food does wonders in keeping children quiet and settled in their seats

Without giving too much of the plot away, I think that older children might appreciate the movie more. The two boys next to us who were about 7 and 9 loved it. The penguins really were the stars of the show but halfway through the movie Ally’s attention was already wavering. It was wholesome family entertainment , a nice way to spend 95 minutes.

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Mummy Guilt

The kids had to go and see the dentist for their yearly checkup. Ally has gone from the time she was 10 months old and has never had a problem. We brush their teeth twice a day religiously but each time they are due for a checkup, I get nervous. If their teeth are dirty, it means Mama hasn’t been doing her job properly.

The children go to a pediatric dentist which of course cost a lot more than a regular one. We don’t mind paying extra for the kids to enjoy the experience. I see it as a long term investment for my sanity. Ally thinks going to the dentist is a huge treat and that is exactly how I want her to feel about the whole experience. The practice has bright murals on the walls and lots of toys in the waiting room.

Having fun while waiting for their turn

Ally and Max who was straining to see over the table

Ally was an absolute super star, she was cooperative and sat quietly throughout the whole checkup. I think having a dvd to watch helped as well.

They give the kids sunglasses to ease the glare from the light

She had to bring her penguin friend along for moral support of course, you can see her clutching him in the picture above. She had her teeth checked and cleaned, everything looked great and once again he reconfirmed she will definitely need braces in future.

Having her teeth cleaned

Max was all eager for his turn, he kept saying ” my turn!” while Ally was having her checkup. When it came to his actual turn, he wasn’t too impressed. He sat on my lap and was happy for all of 3 minutes. Once the dentist started cleaning his teeth, Max started to cry. It was more a whinge than a cry, he wasn’t scared, he just didn’t like the fact that I was holding his arms down. It was all over really quickly and that’s when I was told Max’s teeth needed more care and attention. The conversation went something like this.

“Mummy, Max likes sweet things right?”

” Erm, yes….”

” Try to cut down on his biscuits and sweets, there are some cavity lesions on his teeth already”

This is the part that I started to feel embarassed, my “bad” mother moment. To my credit, I had one child out of two that had clean teeth, that’s 50%!

A much happier Max after his check up

Some of you may think that I’m very kiasu to bring the kids to the dentist from such a young age. Truth be told, it’s much easier to get them used to being in the dentist chair when there are no issues and all they need is a quick check up. I used to think that baby teeth didn’t really matter since they are going to fall out anyway but I was so wrong. Baby teeth are important for a young child’s speech, not only that, they will serve as a guide for the adult teeth to grow into so if the teeth decay and fall out too early, the adult teeth will grow incorrectly as well. Not to mention the trauma of putting your child under GA to extract the decayed teeth.


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Kids Being Kids

The children were playing “Under the Sea ” which is a game that Ally has made up. It basically consists of them running around the house, jumping onto her bed while wearing goggles and trying to “see” what they can find under the sea. Even though we had to go out and run some errands, both the kids insisted on wearing their goggles out. Yes I let them, I know how to choose and pick my battles with the kids.

The goggle kids

Thankfully they both left their goggles in the car later on

In honor of Father’s Day, the kids and I made a banner for Matt. Ally helped with some of the writing and she was so excited about giving Matt a surprise. Max didn’t quite understand what it was all about but he enjoyed doing the hand prints. He kept giggling while I was painting his palms which made Ally laugh which made me laugh as well.

Homemade and proud of it!


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Tough As Nails

Ally has been down with a pretty bad bug , she’s had a high temperature for the last few days and a nagging cough that bothers her throughout the night.

I’ve probably said this lots of times but I’m always amazed at how resilient and tough she is. Even when her temperature spiked at 39.5, she never complained. In fact she was still playing with Max, running around the house. I know how awful it feels when your body is aching and your head is throbbing but she never seems bothered by any of that.

Last night her coughing kept both of us up for most of the night. She would get a coughing fit and the poor girl just could not stop coughing. As expected, she coughed till she threw up, twice in fact. She didn’t cry, she just told me ” Mama, I threw up on the bed, sorry I made a mess”  I reassured her that it was alright and got her changed.

We’re praying that she recovers quickly and that the rest of the family is spared from the bug. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Where Does Time Go?

I just realised that I haven’t posted in a while. Now that Ally is on holiday I’m even more busy than usual. Each day seems to fly by and any chance I get I usually try to take a quick nap.

We’ve had two weeks of holidays and we’ve visited the zoo, watched a movie, had a staycation, visited the library and gone swimming countless times.

We’ve found out that Max is a secret popcorn monster, he LOVES popcorn and carried his little bag till he finished every last kernel.

Watching an outdoor screening of Kung Fu Panda

We also discovered that Ally must be a mermaid, the child would live in the pool if you gave her the option.

One of our many trips to the pool, she can now dive down to retrieve a toy

A moving vehicle puts a tired child to sleep almost immediately. Even if the moving vehicle is being driven by an eccentric taxi driver who doesn’t seem to know his left from right or that his vehicle comes with indicators.

Child fast asleep- part 1Child asleep part 2

We’re also discovered that letting our picky son eat next to his food loving sister has made meal times so much easier.

Eating together is so much more fun

At the moment Ally seems to be down with the flu bug. The poor girl started to feel ill yesterday and I’ve been feeling under the weather as well. Hopefully we’ll all be spared from a bad attack and recover quickly.

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