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Girly Giggles

I realised that I haven’t spent some time with Ally alone, just us girls. So today I decided to take her to her favourite neighborhood haunt, Sembawang Shopping centre. We went on the Barney ride, well she did, I just watched, paid a visit to the hamsters in the pet shop and ended the morning with a little trip to Daiso.

It was fun spending time with just Ally and listening to her talk about everything under the sun. While we were enjoying our girly time, Max was enjoying some one on one time with Matt as well.

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Bouncy Tuesday

Ally has gym classes on Tuesdays and sometimes Matt takes his camera along to snap her in action. Today it was my turn with the camera while Matt looked after Max who desperately wanted to join his sister in her class.

Ally and coach Cathy

Big Max sitting on coach Jon's lap and Baby Max looking up at him

Warming up

Max looking very happy with his strip of velcro

Monkeying around

A flying Ally

Levitating children

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Finally the Pork Chop eats

I’m not sure if I should jinx myself by saying this out loud but the Pork Chop is finally eating! Yes, eating! Not just one or two teaspoons, but an entire serving. He takes a small breakfast, usually some fruit or cereal. For lunch I give him a portion of whatever Ally is having that day, at least it saves me from cooking two separate meals. Dinner is usually porridge with some vegetables.

I’m definitely more relaxed with what he eats, as long as he shows an interest in our food, he usually gets a taste.We’re still continuing with baby led weaning but he’s a lot more receptive with being spoon fed now.

Scrambled eggs for breakfast

All finished!


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Lazy Saturday

We spent most of Saturday lazing at home and then heading over to Grandma’s for a yummy home cooked dinner.

Max stealing a drink from Ally's bottle and yes, he is wearing one of her old shirts

Oops caught red handed!

His guilty smile...

Not too sure what Ally was doing

Cheeky girl

That's all folks, have a great weekend

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Pig out Friday

Today on a whim we decided to head to Triple 3 to try out their buffet lunch. Usually we try to avoid buffet lunches since it clashes with the children’s nap times but we decided to bite the bullet this one time.

There was quite a good variety of food, all of decent quality. Service was a bit sluggish at times but on the hold we didn’t have much to complain about, especially after the 1-for-1 credit card promotion.

Max with a rather sleepy look on his face, he fell asleep before we even left the car park

He was facinated by the light behind the sofa

Ally checking out a slice of prawn

She was trying to steal a piece of chocolate cake from Daddy

It was actually a really enjoyable lunch, what a great way to start the weekend!

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One tough cookie

This is a rather back dated post, I was looking through old photographs and realised that it has been 2 years since Ally has had her palate operation. She was just 8 months old when she had the op, we were all so worried about how she was going to adapt during the post op recovery. Once again Ally amazed us and was drinking just 3 days post op. Her arm restrains were removed the 2nd day and we were discharged from hospital. From day 1 Ally has shown us what a tough girl she really is. Having had a rather rough start has made her extremely resilient.

Watching her favourite DVD in hospital, this was the night before her operation

I remember carrying her into the operating theater and watching them put her under G.A. My heart was pounding in my chest and as I laid her on that huge operating table, she look so small and vulnerable. Once under general anesthesia, she looked liked a limp doll, not at all like my Ally. The nurse quickly escorted me out of the OT and that was when I started crying.

Post-op, in pain and groggy

Her operation went smoothly and was over in about 2 hours. She was groggy and miserable as she was waking up from the anesthesia. Her little face was so swollen and she had a fever. Thankfully by the next morning she was her usual self again.

Day after her operation, arm restrains to prevent her from touching the stitches

We are so grateful to have access to such a fantastic cleft team. It is because of them that she now has a perfect palate. On her 2nd birthday, she blew out her candles all on her own, the very first time that she was able to do so. Even now as I think back to that day, it still makes me emotional. It was such a special moment and her family and friends were there to share it with us.

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The Simple Things In Life

The children have definitely taught me to appreciate the simple things in life. Before they came along, I never knew the joy one could get from watching kites flying in the sky, the excitement of watching bubbles floating through the air….

We all live such busy hectic lives that sometimes we forget the beauty in everyday things. Despite all the material items that we could buy for Ally, the one thing that she asks for everyday without fail is our time. Yet, it’s one of the hardest things that I find to give.  ” Mama, please dance with me for a while?”  How many times have I caught myself saying ” later Ally, Mama is busy”  The minute I hear myself saying it, I stop and think, what can be so important that I can’t spare 5 minutes for my child? I try, honestly I do, and I still fall short many a time. In the 2 and a half years that I’ve been a mother, I’ve learned so much, yet I’ve also realised I have so much more to learn.

Two of Ally's favourite things, her rocking horse & bubbles

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The little Barracuda

The tooth fairy is in the house! Max seems to be teething again and has turned into a little barracuda. He’ll sink his teeth into anything but his favourite thing to sink his teeth into is human flesh.  For someone who only has 2 teeth, he manages to inflict quite a bit of pain.

It all starts out innocently enough, he crawls over with a huge grin and asks to be picked up. Once up in your arms, he then turns around and chomps down on your shoulder. If you tell him off he looks repentant and lays his head on your chest. So stupidly you forgive him, only to be bitten again.

I really hope this phase will pass soon, its painful to be a human teething ring.

The little Barracuda

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Bye bye Balloon

We went to a carnival at the Polo club on Sunday. It was just Ally and myself, the boys had gone off  to Kindermusik. They were handing out helium balloons and Ally went down to get one. Halfway up the stairs she exclaims ” Oh no! I forgot one for my Pork Chop!” So off she goes to get another one for Max.

I tied Max’s balloon to my bag but she was adamant that she would hold onto hers. In less than 5 minutes, her balloon flew up and hit the ceiling of the clubhouse. It was too high for anyone to reach it. I thought she would get really upset but all she said was ” Hi balloon up so high.”  She then asked me to get the balloon down for her so that she could release it and watch it fly again. I explained that it was too high up, the balloon would just have to stay there. She turns to me and in a very matter of fact way says, ” well then we need a ladder to go get it right Mama?”

I never expected such a response for her, well I guess its logical isn’t it? If you can’t reach it, go get a ladder.

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I scream for ice cream

We spent most of Sunday afternoon at home, the kids were getting restless and on the verge of driving us crazy. So we decided to have an early dinner and head to West Coast Park.

Mama, I'm bored.....

Mama, can we go out please?

It was our first trip to West Coast Park and even with our GPS, we managed to get lost. Thankfully we weren’t too far away. As luck would have it, the heavens opened and it started to rain. Poor Ally had ten minutes at the playground before we had to usher her back to the car.

Along the way we decided to stop for ice cream at The Daily Scoop . They have yummy waffles and their lychee martini ice cream is my favourite.  Even though it was late we decided to let the kids have some ice cream.


Unlike most kids, Ally has never been a huge fan of ice cream. She never learned how to lick an ice cream till she was well over a year. Even though it was been a while since the cleft in her palate has been fixed, there are still times when we are reminded that she has to make so much more effort to learn simple things like licking an ice cream. Things that you or I do naturally which we don’t even think about.

Max is eyeing my lychee martini, he knows the good stuff

His maiden encounter with ice cream

Despite the rain it was a fun night for the kids, they got to hang out with grandma for a couple of hours and stuff their faces with ice cream. We’re making another trip back to West Coast park this evening, let’s hope the weather holds up!

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