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Where Does Time Go?

I just realised that I haven’t posted in a while. Now that Ally is on holiday I’m even more busy than usual. Each day seems to fly by and any chance I get I usually try to take a quick nap.

We’ve had two weeks of holidays and we’ve visited the zoo, watched a movie, had a staycation, visited the library and gone swimming countless times.

We’ve found out that Max is a secret popcorn monster, he LOVES popcorn and carried his little bag till he finished every last kernel.

Watching an outdoor screening of Kung Fu Panda

We also discovered that Ally must be a mermaid, the child would live in the pool if you gave her the option.

One of our many trips to the pool, she can now dive down to retrieve a toy

A moving vehicle puts a tired child to sleep almost immediately. Even if the moving vehicle is being driven by an eccentric taxi driver who doesn’t seem to know his left from right or that his vehicle comes with indicators.

Child fast asleep- part 1Child asleep part 2

We’re also discovered that letting our picky son eat next to his food loving sister has made meal times so much easier.

Eating together is so much more fun

At the moment Ally seems to be down with the flu bug. The poor girl started to feel ill yesterday and I’ve been feeling under the weather as well. Hopefully we’ll all be spared from a bad attack and recover quickly.

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