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Happy Birthday Max!

My baby is officially a toddler. I can’t believe a whole year has gone pass. Sometimes I wish time would just stop and let me savor this moment with the kids.

We invited just a few friends over for some food and cake. Max really doesn’t understand that it’s his birthday, but it’s a great excuse for the adults to stuff our faces with food.

Max's cake, the figurines were all hand-made by the talented Aunty Glad

My birthday boy!

Max and his pals

Yummy food which was made with love by grandma

Max has been such a blessing, we can’t imagine life without him though at times I wish he’ll sleep better during the night! Happy birthday my darling.


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Bikes and Birthdays

We had a really full weekend, on Saturday we headed to a friend’s birthday party and headed to a Harley Davidson event after that.

The Harley Convoy

Ally is clearly a biker chick

Max enjoyed digging through my bag

He finally found what he wanted

We celebrated Max’s birthday with the extended family on Sunday. He turns 1 on the 30th of June , I can’t believe how fast he has grown up.

The birthday boy making a funny face

They couldn't believe I wanted them to write " Happy Birthday Pork Chop" on the cake

One cake wasn't enough for everyone!

Ally was more excited than Max

Needless to say I had two very happy but extremely tired children on Sunday night. The kids are very lucky to be surrounded by such a large extended family that clearly dotes on them. There’s going to be more cake in the coming weeks, Ally is going to turn 3 in 11 days.


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New Camera

We had quite a crazy weekend, lots to blog about but I haven’t got the time to sit down to write it all down. I did get a new camera for my birthday and this morning we tried it out with Ally at the swimming pool.

I ended up with lots of shots of Ally's tummy, I really need to wear my goggles the next time

She loves the water!

My favourite shot

We were playing around pretending to be sea animals, Ally said ” look mama, I’m a dolphin, follow me!” and proceeded to jump in and out of the water. I did likewise and she said to me ” Mama, you’re not a dolphin, you’re a whale!” Matt and I couldn’t stop laughing!  Obviously no one told her that sometimes she needs to be a bit less honest.


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Survior- Mommy Edition

A lot of people have asked me how do I cope with two young children on a daily basis. Besides having a great support system from my parents and a husband who is a fantastic help, a good sense of humor is also essential. When everything is going wrong, the best remedy is to just laugh.

Having a routine for the kids helps a lot. They know what to expect and when so thankfully nap times and bed times don’t become battles.

When I’m having one of those days when nothing is going right, the kids are acting up and we’re all still in our pyjamas at 10am, I pull out my secret tool. I put on some music and start dancing with the kids. Sometimes we take out their musical instruments and just play along with the music. It’s a great way for them to burn some energy and it never fails to lift my spirits. We sing along with their Kindermusik CDs and magically, everyone’s bad mood evaporates. It has been said that “music soothes the savage beast” I don’t know about savage beasts but it sure does soothe my two monkeys.

I have to give credit to the kids as well, most of the time they are really well behaved. I can count on Ally to entertain Max and look after him. She’s independent and great at entertaining herself with imaginary games or songs. Max’s laid back easy going nature makes it easy for me to get things done around the house.

Both the kids have enriched our lives in so many ways, they have made me less cynical and shown me the beauty in simplicity and innocence. Have a great weekend!

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Both the kids have very expressive faces, I credit their Indian genes for that.  I took the following sequence of pictures in about 20 seconds before Max crawled to me and grabbed the camera. Unfortunately the lighting was really bad so there are lots of ugly shadows.

Max spies the camera

Wait! I'm not ready!

Remember, this is my good side

What? The light is bad?

No flash please!

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Bars and Boxes

Tuesdays are Ally’s gym days, it’s the one activity that the whole family looks forward to. Matt enjoys hanging out at the gym & chatting with Ally’s coach. I like the whole family orientated atmosphere but Max, he really looks forward to gym class cos he gets to explore the whole gym!

During the summer months, the gym is really quiet, lots of Ally’s classmates have gone back for their summer holidays. This gives Max a chance to crawl around, up and down and in and out of the equipment. He has taken an affinity to the bars, each time he’ll crawl under it, raise his hands and go “Ahhhh!”

Look Ma, one hand!

Max showing off his strength

It’s not surprising that Max loves the gym so much, he practically grew up there. I remember carrying him in his car seat while we watched Ally have her lesson. It’s a great place for him because everything is padded and there is so much to see and do. Unfortunately he’s too young for lessons at the moment but he’ll join Ally when he turns 2 and if he’s still interested at that age.

Ally on the bars, coincidentally, it's her favourite apparatus as well

Learning a new skill

After gym we headed over to Grandma’s for a yummy home cooked meal. The kids decided to take out some Duplo to play with but Max found the box was way more fun than the actual pieces.

The biggest Duplo piece in the box


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Bittersweet Moment

Max took his first steps today, all of us were there to witness it! He’ll be turning 1 in 8 days and I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. It was such a bittersweet moment for me, my baby has really grown up. Soon I’ll have 2 toddlers in the house, talk about chaos!

A rather blurry video still taken of Max's first steps

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Ding Dong Bell

Ally had a little project that she had to do for her Kindermusik class. The task was to make an object that resembled a bell or sounded like one. The kids had to use things that they could find around the house.

When it comes to crafts, I’m not the most creative person, thankfully Matt is great at stuff like that.  He found a old plastic flower pot, a metal screw of some sort and some cable tie.

Our homemade bell

Ally loves to paint, we usually let her paint the bathroom walls before her bath since it makes clean up easier. More often than not, she paints with her fingers and ends up using her whole body as a canvas. I really like the washable paints from Crayola, they don’t stain clothes and are really easy to wash out. When it comes to art projects, I’ve learned through trial and error that it is best to have everything set up before hand. Ally has the attention of a flea, when everything is set up, all she has to do is get right to her task instead of waiting around for me to look for the materials.

All ready to paint her bell

She did a really great job, I just sat there and watched her. When it comes to art, I like her to do what she pleases, if she decides an elephant should be purple, then so be it.

Ally's finished bell, she decided to add the dinosaur sticker at the last minute

She’s so excited about taking it to class tomorrow to show her teacher!


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Art Attack!

We wanted to visit the Singapore Bird Park but the weather was miserable so we had to change our plans to something indoors. I’ve been wanting to check out the Art Garden at the Singapore Art Museum so we decided to head there instead.

Definitely not a day to be outdoors

It took us almost an hour to reach Queen’s Street, little did we know that there were floods around various parts of Singapore. We were very lucky to escape the massive traffic jam on the CTE.

The exhibition was really interesting, some were interactive, others had a strict “hands off ” policy. Needless to say the kids enjoyed those that they could touch, play or even throw.

Max checking out the grass

It was interesting, even for Max, there was a lot for him to touch, see and explore. I enjoyed watching the children take in the various exhibitions in their own ways.

Ally and her trees in "Walter's Garden"

There were some art and crafts stations where children could make little puppets or color butterflies.

We spent quite a while walking around and letting the children explore. After we were done, we decided to check out Food for Thought since it was just next door. Ally was yawning before the food came and sure enough, we drove home with 2 sleeping children, such bliss.


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She’s All Grown Up!

Ally attended her first ever unaccompanied class today. I was really nervous since she is so use to having at least one of us around during her classes. We prepped her about what to expect and reassured her that we’ll be right outside her class, which thankfully had a glass door so she could see us.

It did help that Ally has been attending Kindermusik since she was six months old. She is very familiar with the way the lessons are carried out as well as the teachers there. Once class started, she walked straight in and never looked back. I was more anxious than her but once I saw her happily waving goodbye to me, I knew she would be alright. I was really proud of her, she followed instructions, participated in all the activities and remembered her manners. Hopefully this will ease her transition into school when/if she starts next January.

Ally & her classmates waiting for their instruments

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