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New Sleeping Arrangements

The kids have been sharing a room for over a year now, Ally has a trundle bed while Max is still in his crib. That is till recently. I mentioned sometime back that Max was resisting nap and bedtimes, he was screaming and crying, at times it would last for more than half an hour. I can’t remember if it was Ally or Max who initiated the bed sharing, might have been poor Ally who is the one that gets the surround sound screaming everyday.

I had my reservations about them sharing a bed, mainly because I knew they would giggle and play for a long time before falling asleep. The first few nights went smoothly, Max fell asleep without tears and to their credit, they actually fell asleep within five minutes. Afternoon naps take a bit longer, some days we hear them chatting to each other, other days they fall asleep very quickly. But on the whole the new arrangement has worked out really well, Ally is a real sweetheart for sharing her bed without any fuss. She feels very protective towards Max and I guess not having to hear him scream on a daily basis is a good trade off.

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