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Ally says…..

I asked Ally if she would give her baby brother to her friend who was an only child. This was her reply ” We will keep Baby Max for ourselves and I will go to the shop to buy her another baby, oh, and a dog as well”

Obviously baby brothers and dogs originate from the same shop.

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Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a charity that is very close to our hearts for obvious reasons.  They are a non-profit organisation that repairs childhood facial deformities like cleft lips & palates.

They had a charity car wash and carnival on Saturday so we took the kids down to show our support. There were a few rides and a couple of game stalls. The first thing that caught Ally’s eye was the mini Viking. She insisted that we had to have a go on it, I was worried that she would burst into tears once the ride started. I told her it was just like a big swing and after a while she began to really enjoy herself.

Ally insisted that I ride the Viking with her, despite my smile, I wasn't enjoying the ride much

The next thing that she wanted to try was the Zorb ball. Its like a huge ball which was placed on a pool of water and you had to run around inside to get it going. Sort of like a hamster ball. I was a bit hesitant to let her try it since it was scorching hot and I wasn’t sure if it would freak her out being in the ball all by herself. But Matt convinced me to let her give it a go and she bravely climbed into the ball while it was inflated.

Fully inflated and ready to go!

She really didn’t understand the concept of the whole thing, but it was great to see her trying something new.  Ally was wondering why she was floating on top of the water and yet, stayed dry.

This is pretty much the position she stayed in the entire time

After that she saw some paddle boats and decided to give that a go as well.

It was an extremely hot afternoon, we let her play a couple of games before we decided to head home. A fun afternoon for a very good cause!

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A rather unpleasant incident

We decided to take the kids to the newly open Woodlands Waterfront Park. The weather was perfect, nice and cool. What we didn’t expect was the number of people who had the same idea as us, the place was packed! I think just about every family living in the vicinity were at the park.

It was there that we encountered a rather nasty incident which has still left a bad taste in my mouth. We were at the playground and there were tons of kids running around. Ally and Max found one of those little ride on things with the springs on the bottom. It was then that Matt first noticed him hovering around us. The children were sitting together and I was busy trying to get a picture of them. Max started fussing so Matt took him off and left Ally alone. The man quickly snapped a picture of Ally on his mobile phone, right in front of us and walked off. Thinking nothing of it, I carried Ally down and she went off with grandma. Matt was rather suspicious of his intentions and continued to observe him. After a while, we realised that he was still hovering around the playground and only taking pictures of the little girls. Matt walked over to the man who quicken his steps the minute he saw Matt approaching him. Thankfully Matt grabbed his phone, found Ally’s picture and deleted it. I just can’t believe how bold the man was, in a crowded park, right in front of our eyes! Who knows what his intentions were but they can’t be good seeing as how he was only interested in the little girls.

Parents, please be very careful when you’re out with your kids. We tend to take it for granted that Singapore is a safe place, myself included. But there are sick perverts out there and we really need to be vigilant and protect our children.


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Kids Amaze

Grandpa decided to take Ally to Kids Amaze at Safra Jurong. Since it was a public holiday, all of us tagged along as well.

It was our first time at Safra Jurong and the building is pretty impressive. There were several dining options, a big swimming pool which included a toddler play area.

The first thing that greets you when you step into Kids Amaze is the noise. They have air guns that shoot little foam balls and man, are they noisy. But you get use to it after a while and it sorts of fades into the background. It is a huge setup, lots of slides and an extremely long tube slide which seemed like it would never end.

Ally and grandpa checking out the huge playscape

Once the crowd started coming in, the playscape became very stuffy. There are many levels to climb but its hard for parents to follow their toddlers as the climbing spaces are fairly small. There is only one way to go up and down, which makes this even harder. I had lots of smelly sock-clad feet in my face as I tried to keep up with Ally. Another point to note is the tunnel slides are extremely fast, we were informed of this when we bought the entrance ticket but even so, Ally ended up hitting her head against the side of the slide and ended up with quite a nasty bruise. Even though Matt was holding onto her, the slide was just too fast and windy.  There are other slides more suitable for toddlers and she had a fun time with those. I personally feel that its a great place for kids, during weekends and school holidays, it might be better suited for older children but I think during weekdays, the place is fairly empty and toddlers will have fun exploring the massive playscape. Only thing to take note of is to be very careful on the long slides. There is a very small play area for babies at the cafe. Max really enjoyed himself there though there weren’t many things for him to play with.

We left Kids Amaze and Ally had a swim with grandpa and Matt. Max, Grandma and myself hung out at the main building in the comfort of the aircon. There was a lady making animal balloons and the kids were lucky enough to receive one.

Max, grandma and his poodle

Ally in awe of the ballon sculptor

The kids enjoyed their morning out with their grandparents. They are so lucky to have such patient and hands-on grandparents who don’t mind squeezing through smelly sock infested playscapes just to have fun with the kids.

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ENT Update

We’ve decided to bite the bullet and take Ally to a private ENT doctor. Her appointment is next Friday and I really hope she’ll be able to hear better after that. I can’t wait for my little monkey to be all better once again.

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Eating out with the kids

We eat out fairly often and are always on the look out for family friendly restaurants that serve delicious and healthy fare. We happen to be at United Square yesterday evening & had a rather unpleasant at a so-called “family-friendly” restaurant which is famous for its desserts.

Service was appalling from the get go. We had to seat ourselves and I requested for 2 high chairs. We chose a table for 4, and I wanted to remove 2 chairs to fit the high chairs in. I was told that there was nowhere to move those chairs, even though the restaurant had a vast Al-fresco seating area that could easily fit those 2 unwanted chairs. I didn’t want to argue but the whole meal just went downhill from there. We were never offered water, not even the children. Half of the items on their kid’s menu was sold out and we were not informed of this till I tried ordering food for Ally only to be told that each item I picked was sold out. This wasn’t even conveyed to us politely, it was just ” oh sold out” .  What annoyed me most was as a family friendly restaurant, the staff still served hot food over my children. Since we were not allowed to remove the 2 chairs, they were seated at the head of the table along the aisle. How can anyone with common sense serve hot food over a baby and a toddler?

The bill took ages to come and when it did, it had a mistake which took a long time to correct. Wait staff were sullen and obviously unmotivated to work. It’s safe to say we’re not going back there anytime soon.

I did come across a rather interesting cafe. Petit Bowl offers fresh organic food for babies and toddlers. I ordered the beef casserole for Max which he loved. I tried it myself and it was really delicious. Of course it doesn’t come cheap but I did buy a tray of frozen meals to keep in the freezer in case of emergencies or when I’m too lazy to cook. The young girl who served me was polite, patient and ever so helpful, the highlight of my evening after our unpleasant dinner.

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A Hairy Affair

We decided that Max was starting to look like a shaggy dog so a haircut was in order. We decided to take him to one of those places that solely for kids. We wanted him to have a pleasant experience at the hair salon so we didn’t mind paying a premium for it.

I actually like Max with his long hair, but it gets into his eyes and annoys him. We brought him to Junior League at United Square, thankfully it wasn’t crowded cos I’ve seen the queue during weekends.

Max was pretty good throughout the cut, he wasn’t interested in the Barney DVD that was playing, but still managed to sit fairly still. And now for the reveal…..

Max's new hairdo

I think he looks like a real little boy now, the shorter hair just makes him seem so grown up all of a sudden. I miss those baby locks….

Ally decided that she wanted to have her hair cut as well, we just got hers trimmed since she really doesn’t have a lot of hair. The hairdresser straighten her hair before her cut and we couldn’t help laughing at how different she looked.

Ally's straight hair!

After their hair cuts, Ally found one of those interactive screens at the mall.

Usually its pretty crowded and she would rather watch than join in. But it was empty today, with just two other girls playing. She had a fun time trying to stomp on the little moles that were popping out. As she gets older, we realise she’s beginning to become more sociable as well. I’m really happy that she’s not as shy as she used to be.

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Cold Storage Kid’s Run 2010

Our morning didn’t start off particularly well, Ally woke up crying which is very unusual for her. She was also a bit clingy and whiny. Luckily after a quick shower her mood was a lot better and we were ready to go.

Max’s event was first, he was entered in the 800m stroller chase, this meant that he had to sit in his stroller while I pushed him for 800m. Sounds easy? Well, firstly there were lots of crying babies/toddlers around us. It was nap time for a lot of babies and the heat made a lot of them very irritable. I have to give it to Max, he sat in his stroller without a fuss, entertaining himself with a water bottle and his clip on fan.

Max wearing shoes for the 2nd time in his life. He kept trying to take them off

It was really hot, but thankfully there was a lovely breeze and I really enjoyed the stroller event.

Meanwhile, Ally and grandma were getting ready for their event. By now the sun was out in full force and Ally was starting to get tired.

waiting for her turn

waiting with grandma

hot and tired

Watching her slump against grandma, I seriously had my doubts if she would even last till her event. Anyway we had enough manpower to take turns carrying her if need be. She surprised all of us by getting a 2nd wind by the time her event came around.

Off they go!

Ally did really well, she was one of the youngest in her event and 800m is a really long distance for a 2 year old. She ran about half of it, walked a bit , was carried for a while and then ran again. We were so proud of her!

Grandma did a fantastic job cheering her on and encouraging her all of the way, we really enjoyed having her there.

taking a well deserved break

Overall the event was pretty well organised, crowd control was great , they made sure that the lanes were not overcrowded at any point in time. They even had cheerleaders at one end encouraging the kids on, I thought that was a nice touch. All the participants received medals which is always a big deal to the kids. We’ll definitely be back next year.

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West Coast Park revisited & kite flying

We decided to head back to West Coast Park once again, our last visit was abruptly interrupted by a thunderstorm. Thankfully we didn’t have any rain today but the sun was scorching hot!

The big kids playground which I badly wanted to try out

Ally trying out the balance beams with some help from daddy

She's definitely Daddy's girl

Max and I were trying to hide in the shade of the trees, the poor boy started sweating two minutes after we got out of the car. He really needs a haircut!

The toddler play area

Max checking out the sandand deciding he doesnt quite like it

2 monkeys on the slide

It was really too hot to play so we headed to MacDonald’s for a drink and some food. On our way there, we saw a little girl standing all alone on the path of the park. She couldn’t have been older than 2, there she was, all by herself, looking lost. The park was rather quiet at that time so we just stayed near her to see if her mother was walking around looking for her. Nothing. I asked the little girl where her mum was but she couldn’t tell me. We had seen her at the toddler playground earlier, digging in the sand. She must have wandered off without her mother noticing.

I picked her up and carried her back to the playground while Matt walked around to look for her mother. Turns out, her mother was busy talking to her friend and hadn’t even realised that her daughter was missing! She look puzzled to see me carrying her child but was not overly concerned that her daughter had wandered off all by herself. Matt and I were really shocked by her rather blasé attitude towards the whole situation. What if someone had just come along and carried her daughter away? Or what if the little girl had walked into the car park which was just a few meters from where we found her? Even though Singapore is relatively safe, you really shouldn’t take such chances with your child.

The whole incident spoiled my mood for a bit, I didn’t dare to think what could have happened to that little girl.

Anyway, we decided to take our chance and try to fly Ally’s new kite. Let me explain the bad luck we have had with kite flying. The first time there was absolutely no wind, so we went back the next day and it was perfect kite flying weather. We managed to get the kite into the sky, only to be told shortly after by two police officers that we had to stop flying our kites since the army camp nearby was carrying out some air exercises . Today, we were lucky, it was perfect kite flying weather and there were no helicopters in sight.

Beautiful skies

Matt and Ally quickly took our her kite and within minutes, the kite was in the air. I , however, was stuck in the car .

My sleeping pork chop

Max had fallen asleep and we didn’t want to wake him up, thankfully it was so breezy so I just wound down all the car windows and people watched.

A flying sotong (squid)

Look how high her kite flew

Like any toddler, Ally’s attention span is all of twenty minutes. Once the kite was high up in the sky she started to get bored. By this time Max had woken up from his nap so he joined in the fun for a while.

Tired & thirsty after a long afternoon out

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