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Ally was down with the flu last week but it escalated to the point where she could not sleep at night cos she just couldn’t stop coughing. Her cough was dry which I thought wasn’t as serious but once she started to have a coughing fit, it would go on and on. It got especially bad one night that I woke Matt and we decided to take her to the doctor. It was close to 4am by this time and I was trying to search online for any 24 hour clinics in our area. I hesitated bringing her to KKH cos I know what the children’s A & E is like and honestly, she wasn’t that sick, just really uncomfortable.

In the end we decided to take her to the 24 hour clinic at Mt Alvernia and I’m glad we did. There is no pediatrician on duty, just a GP which was good enough for me. All the staff were very friendly and helpful, they even helped entertain Max. We were in and out of there in an hour which I consider quite good.

For parents, there is nothing more scary/stressful than needing a doctor late at night. Some people are fortunate enough to have 24 hour clinics nearby. If you don’t, just head to the nearest hospital. Get your child seen by a GP first and consult your pediatrician later on in the day.

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