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Review of Puteri Harbour Indoor Family Theme Park- Little Big Club

I took the kids to check out The little Big Club at Puteri Habour theme park. If you’re not familiar with The Little Big Club, it features characters like Angelina Ballerina, Bob the builder, Pingu, Barney and Thomas. The main target audience is between 3-6 years old though we did see some tweens and a bunch of teenagers there as well.

Getting there: We went via the Tuas second link and followed signs towards Lego land. Once you drive pass the signs for Legoland, keep looking out for Puteri Harbour or the various Hello Kitty/Thomas signs along the road. Signage for the place isn’t as good as Legoland so drive slowly and keep heading towards Puteri Habour. The roads are very quiet as a lot of the area is still being developed.

Parking: There is an underground car park as well as outdoor lots , parking is free for both. Now, here is the interesting part, the theme park is housed in a very new building, so new in fact that the lifts from the basement carpark aren’t in operation yet. This means walking up the car park slopes to get to the ground level. Another thing to note, the turns in the carpark are quite tight and the slopes are narrow so if you drive an MPV, be careful.

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased at the venue, its RM 65 per adult and child for the little big club only. We didn’t bother with Hello kitty town as the kids aren’t interested but you can buy a pass for both venues. Children under 3 enter for free. There wasn’t any queue when we went and tickets were sorted out quickly. We were also given a schedule for show times and character appearances. You can check out that schedule at  do note that they are now using the weekend/public holiday timings as its the local school holidays.

The little big club is split into two levels, the first level houses Bob the builder, Barney, Pingu and Angelina. The second level is solely dedicated to Thomas.

Merchandise: There is a shop on the ground floor selling Hello kitty merchandise as well as merchandise from the other characters. Max was disappointed to find that they didn’t sell Bob the builder toys.  Each character had similar merchandise, water bottles, school bags, soft toys, stationary sets and T-shirts. Thomas had the widest range, after Hello Kitty. There were a few hair accessories in the Angelina section as well. As expected, everything came at a premium but that didn’t seem to stop many people from buying lots of stuff.

Shows: When we were there the Thomas show wasn’t available but we managed to catch Barney’s beach party. This is very similar to the free shows that we get at shopping malls. Barney sings old favourites like “Mr Sun” , ” If all the raindrops” and the ” clapping song”. The show wasn’t crowded when we were there,  both the kids managed to find seats in the front.

Angelina Ballerina: The poor mouse has the smallest space dedicated to her, just a little dance studio. Girls can go in, put on tutus, mouse ears and dance with Angelina. By dancing with Angelina it means getting up on stage and following a video, staff are on hand to help the children. Ally really enjoyed herself, she kept looking at herself in the full length mirror. Needless to say Max, Luke and I were bored while waiting for her. Angelina herself makes an appearance there, check schedule for timings.

All dressed up and ready to dance

All the girls waiting to “dance” with Angelina

Ally following the instructions on the video

Bob the Builder: This was the area that Max was dying to go to. It consists of an indoor play structure with Bob the builder characters surrounding it. The play structure is very similar to Amazonia at Great World City. Max at 90cm, found it a bit hard to climb up the structure due to his height but he managed with Ally’s help in the end. Kids are required to remove their shoes before entering the play area, socks are not necessary. There is also an area where kids can help Bob “build” a house. There are numerous soft “bricks” of different shapes and sizes which kids can use to fill up the walls in Bob’s house. Even though we went on a weekday, this seemed to be a very popular area with the kids that drew the most crowds . There was quite a lot of snatching going on with the soft bricks so parents of younger children keep an eye out for that. Bob and Wendy make an appearance just outside this play area as well.

Max was so excited when he saw these

The “wall” of Bob’s house that kids can help build with the bricks

He ran out of the play area when he saw Bob, hence the bare feet

Pingu: Pingu’s igloo houses arcade games which don’t require any coins. There is a little air hockey table which is the perfect height for the kids. There are also two basketball games and two “whack a mole” type of games. Pingu’s house looks a bit empty and was the least crowded but my kids enjoyed the simple games anyway. Photo taking with Pingu takes place in his igloo as well.

Barney’s backyard: This is the only place we skipped as its built for 1-2 year olds. The play structure is simple and toddler friendly. Children are required to remove their shoes before entering . Barney makes an appearance just outside this venue at various times of the day.

Thomas and Friends: This is where all the rides are! The first thing we sat was of course, Thomas the train. It’s a simple train that goes around the indoor play structure, both kids enjoyed it and we went on it several times throughout the day. We were very lucky with the crowds, there was hardly any queue so the kids got to ride in Thomas more than once.

Thomas’s eyes move as he goes around the track and of course that famous whistle sounds as well!

Next the kids went on Bertie the bus, it resembles a ferries wheel except everyone rides inside of Bertie. When I first looked at the ride I was a bit skeptical if I should let Max go on it with Ally. There are safety bars to help keep kids securely in their seats.

Next to Bertie were the bumper cars. This was the only ride that the kids could not sit as they needed an adult to accompany them and I had Luke with me. Each bumper car was designed to look like one of the diesel engines, it was really well done.

Max loved riding in Harold, there are 6 helicopters that go round and round which the kids can “fly” on their own. Each Harold seats 4, Max and Ally sat together at first but by the end of the day, Max was sitting alone and “flying” Harold all by himself.

There was also a “bounce and drop ” ride, similar to the one at Lego land except this was Colin the crane. Max was skeptical about the ride at first but he ended up enjoying it and rode it 3 times continuously.

There was also a little ferris wheel which seemed to do more stopping and starting then actually moving round and round. The kids sat on it once and lost interest very quickly.

The best part about this level is the indoor play structure in my opinion. It incorporates elements of Thomas and friends and it’s really very well done. The structure is similar to Kids Amaze at Safara , minus the shooting guns. At first it can look quite daunting but both my kids managed it with ease. Children below 3 will have to be accompanied by adults. There is a loft area above with comfortable arm chairs, Luke and I sat there while the older two played. You could kind of see your kids in the play structure but not if they ventured to the lower levels.

Part of the indoor play structure, James was actually a tunnel that the kids could climb into

Bottom of the play structure, more train designs and motifs.

Every parent’s dream, a comfy armchair to rest those weary legs while being able to keep an eye on your children

Other things to take note : They state that no outside food or drinks are allowed to be taken into the theme park. That being said, I packed water bottles for both kids which came in handy. Food inside the park is expensive and the service is slow. The food was very average in quality but you are kind of stuck cos there isn’t anything else available nearby. The cafe is located where Thomas and Friends are.

Toilets: Be warned that the toilets are not the cleanest, the crowd wasn’t so bad while we were there, I shudder to think what its like during the weekends. The toilet upstairs had no baby changing facilities, neither is there a nursing room around. I changed Luke in his pram and just used a blanket to cover him when he needed a feed.

It was surprisingly cold, I made the mistake of putting Max in a sleeveless shirt. Take a light jacket for the little kids. Both Ally and Max ran around so the cold didn’t hit them too badly but I felt cold while standing around waiting for them. Luckily Luke had a blanket in his pram.

There is ample seating on both levels, the cafe on the second floor has limited tables and chairs but there are benches around the various rides.

Most of the staff were very friendly and patient with the kids. They would greet the children, give them hi-5s or help them in and out of the rides. I was surprise at how helpful most of them were, it was a huge help to me as I was alone with the 3 kids.

Do note that the park is small, we spent half a day there which I felt was more than enough . If you’re going alone with kids like I did and you are paranoid about losing your children like I am, you’ll be happy to know that the entrance and exit for the rides are close to each other which means you just need to stand at one spot to keep an eye on your children. For the Thomas ride, the exit is further away so just take note .

Oh, one last thing, the place is LOUD. They play songs from the various shows at each venue so be prepared to leave with “Bob the builder, can he fix it?” ringing in your ears. The noise echoes off the walls especially upstairs where the rides are. I found the Harold ride extremely noisy and was just grateful that Luke could bear with it all.

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