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Back To Sewing

Now that morning sickness has finally eased off, I have found the urge to start sewing again. I decided to start now before sitting on the floor and cutting out fabric becomes too difficult.

Since we’re not going to find out the gender of baby no.3, I found a tutorial on how to make reversible pants. Using the free tutorial from Made by Rae for the basic pants and this other tutorial at Handmade Baby clothes, I put together a pair of reversible pants. I think it looks very cute but it might turn out a bit too thick for our weather.

Made from soft knit fabric, super comfy and oh so soft

Then I decided that the baby tights from Rae’s website looked too cute not to sew. This time I didn’t want to make them reversible so I made two different pairs.

Same knit fabric as the reversible pants, both purchased at a sale at $6/m

And finally I had to try out the pattern for The Jamie Jumper from Fishsticks Designs. It takes a bit of time to get all the pieces cut out but to actually sew the jumper together is easy. Inserting the snaps was a different story and I don’t think I’ll be attempting this one again.

I didn't have any netural color snaps, hence the pink

The yellow seersucker material that I used for the jumper was on sale at spotlight for $5/m, I could resist buying more of it. It’s lightweight and perfect for our hot weather. I decided to make Ally a sundress out of it as well. She loved the dress, but getting her to pose for me wasn’t so easy.

Cheeky monkey Take 1

I can't believe how grown up she looks here

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Entertaining The Kids

When a child is bored, they will do all sorts of things to try and get some attention. When you have two bored children, they start to annoy each other to get some attention, they call each other names, they kick one another and whine till your ears bleed. Or maybe it’s just my kids that do that when they are bored.

For me the hardest part of the day is between 4-6pm, the kids are starting to get tired, hubby isn’t home from work yet and dinner needs to be prepared. Everyone is starting to get cranky and sometimes the worst one is me. I’ve found that one of the best ways to spend the “bewitching hour” as I call it, is to get the kids out and about. We either head to a nearby park or if I can summon enough energy, we take a drive to the Botanics.

We love going to the Botanics because I don’t have to prepare their dinner. We usually eat at the cafe and then let the kids run around after that.

Amusing himself with a paper napkin while waiting for dinner

Ally joins in the fun

Family favourite, beef hor fun!

The park is lovely in the evening, most of the time there is a cool breeze and best of all you can always be sure that there will be other children around for the kids to play with. Max loves looking out for the different dogs that are having their evening walks. If I had an extra arm, I would take Neesha along with us as well but running after two children, carrying their bikes and scooters when they are tired is more than enough for me. I swear, sometimes I look more like a sherpa than a mom. Today I had a tricycle in one hand, Ally’s scooter in the other, the picnic mat folded under my arm as well as my own bag. Where were my children? Running ahead of me and laughing that Mama was walking so slowly.  That’s gratitude for you. Since we were at the edge of the pond, I figured it was safer for them to walk then to ride their bikes.

The kids have a hilarious concept of hide and seek. It involves Max standing still and “counting” to 10 while Ally goes to “hide” behind some small shrub. I say “hide” because more often that not, she is just standing a few meters away from him. Once Max finishes his counting, they run towards each other and burst out laughing.

Ally told him to close his eyes and count to 10 and this is what he did. We couldn't stop laughing

Finally he got the hang of it 2nd time round

We usually meet up with our group of friends at the park but today it was just us. The kids didn’t mind though and had a fun time chasing each other around. Max decided that it was fun to spin himself dizzy till he fell onto the grass, I was more worried that he was going to give himself a concussion.

What's soft and squishy and nice to lie on? Ally!

They were literally rolling in the grass, well, on the grass really.

We survived the trip, no one got badly hurt, mommy’s sanity is still intact , a successful outing if I do say so myself.

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Evening At The Pool

We took the kids for a quick swim the other evening. Max can now swim a short distance underwater all on his own and he was eager to show off his new skill to Matt. Ally is always up for a swim, even when the water is freezing cold.

She didn't care that the water was cold and jumped straight in.

The rest of us would have preferred to sit on the side like Max

She loves making a big spalsh

Her swimming has really improved in the last few months

We only swam for about 20 minutes cos it really was cold especially with the evening breeze. Max’s lips were turning purple by the end of it. Though it was  a short swim, both kids really enjoyed themselves. In addition to their weekly swim class, we try to bring them to the pool whenever we can to help build their confidence. Ally is a great role model for Max who has finally realised that he CAN actually swim and is now starting to love it.

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Back To Basics

Like most kids these days, Ally and Max love the iPhone and iPad. We allow the children to use them for a couple of minutes a day. The other day Ally asked if she could use the iPad, since she had used it quite a bit over the weekend, I said no. She didn’t put up a fight or fuss, instead she went to find Max.

The two of them make up all sorts of funny games to play, often Ally is the leader and Max just follows her instructions. I remember playing such make believe games as a young child, often with my own soft toys since my brother is 4 years older than I am and which 8 year old would want to play house with his little sister? I believe it’s important for the kids to just play, without fancy toys, without gadgets. At times I will bring out a bucket and a stack of bean bags and we play bean bag toss, other times a simple ball and a racket provides fun and laughter.

I was trying to make out what game they were playing today and as I walked around the house I could see evidence of their play.

Their pet dog going for a walk in the rain, hence the rain hat.

Their little wooden farm set up

People hanging out on the bench

As I’m typing out this post now, they are in the background singing “Happy Birthday” to their animal friends. Think I’ll go and join in the celebrations.

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Singapore Art Museum

On a whim I decided to take the kids to Art Garden at SAM. We went to the one last year and Ally enjoyed herself, Max was a bit too young then to really understand what was going on.

When we reached the entrance , there was some communal drumming going on and everyone was invited to join in. Ally was pretty excited while Max took a while to warm up. The music was great though, with all the different drums and percussion instruments.

Ally joining in the drumming

The first exhibit that we stopped at was the elephant, both kids lost interest in that pretty quickly so we headed to a room that I knew Max would love.

Art made with Thomas train tracks, Max's eyes literally lit up the moment he walked in

He kept wanting to touch the display, not understanding that it wasn't meant for him to play with

We waited for a turn to play with the tracks and sure enough, the children didn’t want to leave. Max built his little track and was contented with just pushing his train around after that. Ally took great pains to try and help build the largest track that she could possibly build.

Dying to touch everything in the room

Building their tracks

The crowd came much later

The other exhibit that they really enjoyed was the one with the dress up dolls. Both kids had fun decorating the giant cake and dressing up the different dolls. By then the crowd had started to come in so we moved on.

They had fun pushing the circles around and climbing on them

The kids enjoyed Art Garden, I personally felt that last year’s was slightly better. If you’re planning on going, there is free admission on Fridays from 6pm to 9pm and on open house days. Art Garden runs to the 30th of August.



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Max’s Imagination

Since turning 2, Max has started to do a lot more imaginative play. Yesterday he took the bear and rabbit from Ally’s doll house and started playing with them. I could catch snippets of his conversation as he tried to put the bear to bed and get the rabbit to eat his lunch. Later on he called me over to have a look at this.

Rabbit and Bear sleeping

He had taken the stool from the bathroom and decided that this was the perfect bed for his rabbit and bear friends. He insisted that I tip toe pass them so as not to wake them from their sleep.

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Riding On Two Wheels

I’ve written a review about Ally’s Strider bike and recently she has decided that she is ready to conquer her big girl bike without training wheels. She got the hang of it pretty quickly and the look on her face was priceless, she was absolutely thrilled!

I still love her Strider bike, in my opinion it’s the perfect bike for smaller size children like Ally and Max. It’s light and therefore easy for them to maneuver. If it came with pedals, it would be the perfect bike. The regular kids bikes are heavy, even the smallest models that we could find.  She has been dying to ride a real bike without training wheels from the time she was about 3 1/2 but since she simply wasn’t strong enough, she had to wait.

Now at 4, the weight of her big girl bike is still an issue but she’s managing. I’ve no doubt she’ll be flying down slopes pretty soon.

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Ally on her bike

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ally on her bike, posted with vodpod

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Life With Three

I have been so busy with both the kids that I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and imagine what life with 3 kids under 5 is going to be like. Ally and Max are great pals but at this moment they are fighting like cats and dogs on a daily basis. Throw another child into that mix and you can be sure of chaos. But with that chaos comes more love, more laughter and I think finally I will feel like the family is complete. To most people I guess it seems like we already have the perfect family, one girl, one boy and even an over friendly golden retriever. But for Matt and myself, it just felt like we were missing something. We are incredibly lucky to be blessed with another baby, let’s hope that when that baby arrives, he/she brings along a huge box of patience for me as well.


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Stuck Like Glue

For the last week, Max has been stuck to me like super glue. There are a few factors involved in this, one, he’s teething and two, he’s still unwell. It has been tiring to say the very least.

On the other side of the coin, dear Ally has been so mature and grown up while I’ve been dealing with the sticky boy. When he is screaming and whining, she entertains herself with her toys and books. I feel bad that I’ve been neglecting her at times but on the other hand I really appreciate her understanding.

With a 3rd child due to join our family next year, it’s going to be an even tougher juggling act but I’m sure we’ll manage. Right now the kids haven’t reacted very much to the news of a new sibling, Max is still too young to understand and all Ally really wants at the moment is a cat, not a new brother or sister.


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