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Totally Non-Child Related

I just had to write this post even though it has nothing to do with both the kids, well, okay, the kids were playing with their Legos while I did this

My own reversible bag, thanks to the tutorial from here I managed to whip this bag up without too much stress. The hardest part must have been turning the back right side out through the tiny opening, kind of reminds one of childbirth when you have that moment of ” How is something so big going to come out of such a small opening?” Disgusted? Sorry 🙂

I love the bag, it’s the right size, only thing is I would sew a button or zipper closing the next time I make it. Erm, when I figure out how to do either that is. And since this blog is suppose to be about the kids, this is what Ally built while I was sewing.

Ally's cruise ship with passengers


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