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Ally had her ENT appointment today, the last time we went, her ear tubes had already fallen out. There was some fluid in one ear but nothing to cause too much of a concern.

The ENT clinic was crowded as usual but surprisingly the wait wasn’t too bad. She had to have her hearing test first but I had Max with me and there was no way he was going to sit through the test in total silence. Ally had to go in for the test all on her own, she looked a bit unsure but did brilliantly. I was so proud of her!

I asked her what sort of sounds did they play for her to listen to, all she said was that they were soft. From there I knew that she had failed her hearing test. The doctor reconfirmed it and said that she now has glue ear in both her ears. This just means that there is fluid in both her ears. She was surprised at how well Ally could hear us cos based on her bad test results, she expected her hearing to be a lot worse. The thing is, Ally has been dealing with hearing issues from the day she was born. Over time she has learned to compensate for her bad hearing by watching people’s expressions, reading lips and piecing information together. We decided to withhold surgery for now, she’s just getting over the flu and sometimes that can contribute to her poor test results. In three months we will redo her hearing test and if the results are still bad, she’ll get a new set of tubes.

I’ve always wondered why cleft affected children have problems with their ears. Most of the information that I’ve read were very scientific and had lots of medical jargon. This was the clearest explanation that I could find “in cleft palate the muscles that open the Eustachian tube (tensor palatini and levator palatini) have abnormal connections thereby making the tube opening either difficult or impossible”

Whatever her next tests results may be, we’ll get through it. A new set of tubes might just be what she needs.



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A Poppin Penguin Date

Since Ally is such a big penguin fan, there is no way we could miss watching “Mr Popper’s Penguins”.  I’m not a huge Jim Carey fan and I can honestly say that after this movie, neither is Ally. Luckily Grandma offered to babysit Max, he would have been bored 10 minutes into the movie.

Waiting impatiently at the snack stand

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the movie was bad, but for a penguin obsessed four year old, all she wanted to see were the penguins which didn’t appear till about 1/2 hour in the movie.

Mr P and Pal who tagged along for the movie

We watched the earliest screening since from previous experience it seems to be the least popular time and that means it isn’t so bad when Ally starts asking questions throughout the movie.

Food does wonders in keeping children quiet and settled in their seats

Without giving too much of the plot away, I think that older children might appreciate the movie more. The two boys next to us who were about 7 and 9 loved it. The penguins really were the stars of the show but halfway through the movie Ally’s attention was already wavering. It was wholesome family entertainment , a nice way to spend 95 minutes.

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