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Eye Checks

In the last few months we have noticed that Ally seemed to have trouble with her eyes. She would rub them or tilt her head at a certain angle when reading. We made an appointment to have her eyes checked at KKH.

For her first visit, they did the usual eye sight test and they also inserted drops into her eyes and re-tested her. Some things to note, the first visit takes a LONG time, we’re talking about 3 hours. In fact we were there for 4.5 hours as it was the school holidays and the clinic was especially busy. Secondly, prepare your child for the insertion of the eye drops as the drops sting. It can be quite daunting for the younger children especially when they hear others crying. The drops are inserted 3 times, with a 5 minute interval between each time.

Insertion of the eye drops, she cried the first time but was very co-operative after that


Getting her eyes tested

We had a very patient doctor who explained that Ally was slightly shortsighted and that she had amblyopia or lazy eye. The short-sighted diagnosis wasn’t surprising as she had failed a routine eye screening at her pediatrician. But I didn’t realise that she had amblyopia as well. This meant that we had to patch her good eye for 2 hours a day , everyday, to encourage her brain to use her weaker eye. It also meant that she needed glasses to help with her astigmatism and short-sightedness.

Ally took it all in her stride, we let her choose her own frames and a few days ago we picked up her glasses. So far she’s been co-operative with the patching but we shall see. To further help her, I might explore home vision therapy to see if that would help.

Trying out different frames in the shop


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The Kindness of Strangers

Now that we’re in the midst of school holidays, I’ve been out and about with the 3 kids quite often. One thing that I am very grateful for is the kindness of strangers. Like the gentleman who helped me out when I managed to get Luke’s car seat stuck in the lift ( don’t ask!) or the auntie who offered to carry my tray of food after noticing that I had Luke in the baby carrier.

I’m always touched by these small acts of kindness and would highlight them to the children. I can only hope that my kids would one day offer their help to people in need. Remember the show ” Pay it Forward?” that’s what I tell the kids, that we’ve been on the receiving end and it’s time to pass that along to someone else.

On a totally different note, Luke’s curly hair has started to get him a lot of unwanted attention. Usually people come up and say ” oh girl?” and then I have to correct them. Other times they just come up and run their fingers through his hair without asking! It doesn’t help that he has chubby cheeks as well! Then we have the people who come up to touch his cheeks or worse, try and pinch them! With the recent rise in HFMD cases, I’ve become quite paranoid about germs so once they walk away I usually wipe his face clean. But I can’t say I blame them, all of us kiss those adorable cheeks several times a day .

Who can resist those cheeks ?


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An Extremely Happy Girl

It’s the school holidays and we spent the early weeks of it dealing with sick boys. Ally was the last women standing and thankfully didn’t succumb to the horrible virus.

As with every school holiday, shopping malls would have free stage shows and Hi 5 was back once again. As a special treat I took Ally down to watch the show and once again I managed to get the time wrong. It’s a good thing we went earlier rather than later.

Ally loved the show and was on her feet dancing to the songs. I know I’ve mentioned it before but Hi 5 are really fantastic with the children. They would reach out to shake the kids hands, give them high 5s …etc. The crowd was insane but thankfully we had front row seats.

After the show we lined up for the photo taking session, Ally had prepared a card for Lauren once again and this time she had gifts for everyone as well. Lauren actually remembered her from camp last year which thrilled her to bits.

Waiting for the show to begin, she made friends with the little girl sitting beside her

Meeting the cast AGAIN, the blue paper in her hand was the card she made for Lauren

Group picture!

A big hug from her idol

One last picture before we had to go

The cast were also kind enough to sign a shirt for Ally! After we left she could not stop talking about the show and was jumping around all excited. Needless to say, I had a very happy girl the entire day  🙂

Her extremely special and very precious shirt

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