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A New Year

As 2010 comes to a close, it suddenly hit me that Ally will be starting preschool in just a couple of days. As  we were preparing her school items a part of me wanted to cry. I felt like saying, “take the uniforms back, Ally won’t be starting school”  The realisation that she is growing up makes me a bit teary.

I can always count on Ally to say the darnest things, to speak the truth that most people are afraid to say, to make me laugh with her witty comments and drive me insane the very next minute. She’s the light of my life and a true inspiration. Oh, I’m going to miss my baby so much! She’s very hesitant about starting school, but I’m sure once she settles in she’s going to love it. I just hope it won’t take her a long time to adjust.

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Back To Universal Studios

The last time we visited USS, I went with the kids since Matt was at work. Ally was also running a 40 degree fever so she couldn’t really enjoy herself. We planned another trip to USS, this time with Matt and my mom, I booked the tickets two weeks in advance and we only told Ally on the day itself. She was so excited she could not stop jumping around the house.

It was a BIG mistake to go to the park during the school holidays. I knew it would be crowded since we tried to buy an additional ticket at the last minute and all the tickets were sold out. But I didn’t expect HOW crowded it could get. The average wait for each ride was an hour, with two toddlers, it was impossible to make them wait that long. I decided to buy the express pass which allowed us to bypass the massive queues. We all had a fun time despite the crowd and the weather was perfect, gloomy with moments of slight drizzle.

A very happy Ally

I love the castle in Far Far Away, makes me think of the fairy tales I used to love to read as a child

Matt enjoyed himself as much as the children

Max was really good at waiting for Ally to go on the rides

Ally like the penguins..... from afar. She stayed a good 5 feet away from all the mascots

Ally loved the water area

Max wasn't too keen

He was happy as long as he stood away from the water jets

Grandma was a great sport and went on most the rides

Quick snack break

Between the 3 adults, we managed to go on the roller costers a few times

Ally surprised us by agreeing to go on the Junior Coster, it’s a pretty fast ride and I was very worried she’ll burst into tears. She was scared but didn’t cry, after we left the ride she said ” Mama, it was too fast, I didn’t like it.”

We stayed till closing time and by then Max was exhausted, Ally was close to a meltdown so it was definitely time to go home. I had packed drinks and snacks for the kids and my mom made a couple of sandwiches. By Just by doing that, we managed to save quite a bit on meals which is quite useful since food isn’t cheap in the park.

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Christmas and A Boat Ride

We managed to get free tickets to the Singapore Flyer and the River Cruise. We didn’t take any pictures at the Flyer mainly because it was too dark. It was our first time on the River Cruise and despite the light rain, it was a very enjoyable ride.

Max doing a Michael Jackson inspired pose

The kids enjoying the light drizzle

Admiring the view

Daddy's little girl

Getting sleepy......

Admiring the city scape

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our place this year, just a simple fare with our immediate family. The kids were so excited to have everyone over at their house.

Ally enjoying her roast dinner

Our family tree which has been abused daily by Max and a plastic tennis racket

Opening presents on Christmas morning

Max checking out Ally's gift

Our fairy princess

All dressed up to celebrate Christmas with the family

Max looking very grown up in his new shirt

Hope your Christmas was as enjoyable as ours, can’t believe the year is nearly over!

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Merry Christmas

We just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays! The children or rather Ally is so excited, she’s busy running around the house chasing her brother and playing with their presents.  🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!

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We Are Blessed

I took the children down to KKH today to pass some Christmas presents to the staff at the cleft centre.  Ally is so lucky to have such a dedicated team looking after her, these are people who genuinely love and care about her from day 1.

Just seeing her talking to the nurses, playing and enjoying herself brings me back to the early days of uncertainty and worry.  The nurses were always a great source of comfort, even entertaining my questions at 4am in the morning.

I feel so blessed to have these special people in our lives, honestly our little gift can never fully express how much we appreciate all they’ve done.

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Miles for Smiles

We joined the Class 95 DJs on last leg of their Miles for Smiles walk in aid of Operation Smile. It was very touching to see them put in all the effort for the children of Operation Smile.  We didn’t realise that Max wasn’t feeling very well that day, he slept through the whole walk and only woke up about an hour later.

Class 95 has done a fantastic job in spreading the name and work of Operation Smile. We are extremely grateful for their continued support for a charity that is very close to our hearts.

Ally giving Max a hug while waiting for the DJs to reach Raffles City

Poor Max accidentally fell over and bumped his head

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Family Photos

I wanted to have some family photos taken, especially photos of Max and Ally. They are at such a fun age, always giggling together and doing all sorts of cheeky things.

We chose Hart from Tomato photo to do our shoot. He has shot Ally previously and we’ve always loved his work.  Take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think. We are very happy with the way they turned out, he captured the children beautifully and created very precious memories for us to treasure.




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