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Kids Being Kids

The children were playing “Under the Sea ” which is a game that Ally has made up. It basically consists of them running around the house, jumping onto her bed while wearing goggles and trying to “see” what they can find under the sea. Even though we had to go out and run some errands, both the kids insisted on wearing their goggles out. Yes I let them, I know how to choose and pick my battles with the kids.

The goggle kids

Thankfully they both left their goggles in the car later on

In honor of Father’s Day, the kids and I made a banner for Matt. Ally helped with some of the writing and she was so excited about giving Matt a surprise. Max didn’t quite understand what it was all about but he enjoyed doing the hand prints. He kept giggling while I was painting his palms which made Ally laugh which made me laugh as well.

Homemade and proud of it!


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