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Simple Joys in Life

We are often so wrapped up with the chaos of daily life that at times we forget the simple things that make us happy. *sorry the photos are so blur, they were taken on my iphone.

Walking in the rain and splashing in puddles while wearing your pink wellies

Sharing a nice cold drink with your sister

Hanging out with Daddy

Having a lie in on a cold and rainy afternoon

Ally really enjoyed her first school trip, I’ll upload photos on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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End of Term 1

It’s nearly the end of the first school term. Ally has adapted extremely well to the new school routine and we’re very proud of her.

I know we definitely chose the right school for her, despite the higher than average school fees, both of us feel it’s worth every penny. We get frequent updates from her teacher, as well as her principal. They have a very open communication with the parents which I really appreciate.

Ally will be having her first class trip tomorrow, she’s excited but also a little nervous about going on the big school bus with everyone. Stay tune for pictures!

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Hanging out with Max

Max is becoming a monkey just like his big sister! Now he tries to swing from anything and everything

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Ally the speed demon

Ally loves going down the slope on her Strider. At times she gives me a heart attack cos she looks like she’s about to fall.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Why Don’t People Listen?

I took Ally back for her regular ENT check up. Having been there numerous times, we were prepared for a long wait. I have to commend the staff for their good service, knowing that the average waiting time per patient is at least 45 minutes, they bring around snacks and drinks to keep the children occupied.

Ally doesn’t have a regular ENT doctor, she sees whoever is on duty that day. Such is the fate of C class patients. Most of the doctors she has had were really good, patient, cheerful and open to answering all my questions. Yesterday we had a rather young doctor with a pleasant personality. My first question was to ask him why she wasn’t subjected to a hearing test as per norm. He said that she’s already 3 1/2, and should be able to tell me if she couldn’t hear properly. Granted he’s right, but the hearing test is able to tell us her range in hearing. While she might be able to hear us, it might not be as sharp or accurate as it should be. Anyway, her ears had no fluid and he gave her an appointment in four months which included a hearing test so I left it as that. Then I could tell he wanted to end the consult there and then but I had to bring up the issue of her post nasal drip. I explained that she’s been having it quite badly, till I stopped giving her formula and wondered if she had a milk allergy or it was pure coincidence.

This was when the smile began to waver, I could tell he didn’t want to deal with my questions. He just wanted to end the consult as I’m sure he still had about 20 more patients to go. He quickly looked into Ally’s mouth and up her nose, telling me that everything looked fine. I said yes I know, her palate repair looks great but she’s still struggling with lots of secretions from her nose. So he did the usual doctor thing when they can’t give you an answer. He said ” just monitor it and see how it goes, if it’s still bad, let Dr X know.” Dr X is Ally’s plastic surgeon, why a plastic surgeon would be concern about Ally’s ENT issues is beyond me. I knew it was pointless to carry on the consult, he was looking at Ally and I but he was no longer listening. The same look that my kids give me when I ask them to clean up their toys or eat their veggies.

So we left, I wasn’t upset, more annoyed that my concerns about my child’s health was pushed aside. Having said that, it’s not the first time that it has happened and it won’t be the last. I just need to equip myself with more information about her issues so that I can be her best advocate.

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Family Tree

Ally has to create a family tree for her school project. I helped her come up with the template and will get her to color in the tree when she’s up from her nap. In the meantime, this is the un-finished product.

I thought a coconut tree best represented us since we’re, erm, how do you put it, crazy! And of course I had to add in Ally’s beloved penguins, fish and Lola, oh and Neesha.

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Ally decided that she wanted earrings, just like mama and grandma. I told her that it would hurt when the lady pierced her ears so she decided to wait till she turned 5. A week passed and she decided that she was now brave enough for earrings. Once again I explained that it would hurt, but just for a while. I figured its no point lying to her and telling her it doesn’t hurt. She said she could bear with the pain and wanted to have them done.

Before anyone gives me flake about piercing my daughter’s ears. I would like to say that she made the request and both Matt and I agreed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about ear-piercing for young children but please spare me the hate mail.

I asked my mom to get a tube of Emla cream, to try to minimise the pain for Ally. We applied it 1/2 hour before we did her piercing. As we were walking towards the shop, I was getting more nervous. My stomach was in knots and I was praying that she wouldn’t cry. The sales assistants were professional, from the minute I told them our intention, they kept talking to her and distracting her. Once she selected her earrings, they kept talking to her and before we knew it, it was done. Both ears were done at the same time which makes a lot of sense when dealing with young children. Ally’s face turned bright red and I had this moment of ” oh no, she’s going to burst into tears!” but she composed herself and didn’t even shed a tear.

I was really impressed , with the service and even more impressed with Ally’s maturity.  My little girl is growing up!

She chose a pair of pink studs


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Our Walk Home

Max and I usually have a couple of hours alone while Ally is in school. I enjoy having the uniterrupted time with him and it helps me get to know him better as well.

Today we decided to walk home from the MRT in the swealting heat ( goodness knows what made me decide that) What usually takes less than 10 minutes took us 25 minutes to complete. Max enjoys stopping to look at the buses and trains. He will stop to pick up a stick or a leaf, or he’ll stop just to point something out to you that caught his eye. It’s really quite cute!

Despite the heat we both enjoyed the walk , I was surprised that he actually had the stamina to walk all the way home.


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My Little Mermaid

We haven’t been to the pool for a long time and Ally has been begging us to take her for several weeks. Technically she’s not meant to swim due to the tubes in her ears. But look at that joy on her little face, how can I keep her away?

Picking up dive sticks

Both kids have stopped their swimming lessons for the time being until we settle their schedules. I used to be totally exhausted on Wednesdays, ferrying them to swim class and doing a back to back class for both kids. Now with school in the mix, it’s just a bit too much.

Max enjoyed himself as well!

He's always contented with a bucket and watering can

Ally loves being thrown into the pool

She had a fantastic time with her daddy

If you thought the swimming tired them out, think again. When we got home she still had the energy to take her scooter downstairs.



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Some Snapshots from New Year

The children had a fantastic Chinese New Year, they really enjoyed being with all the extended family. Now that the festivities are dying down, I think the kids and I need a day to recover. Both Ally and Max looked awfully cute in their New Year outfits if I do say so myself!

 Max looked like a little green elf

Trying to get both of them to look at the camera was near impossible

There were more exciting things like the buses going pass on the main road

Ally looks so much more grown up this year

This was the best shot that we could get
What a difference a year makes. Check out Max's hair!

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