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Our First Holiday as a Family of 5

We decided to take the family to Margaret River for a holiday and it was Luke’s first oversees trip. He actually did quite well on the flight, the lights and announcements bothered him but no one gave us dirty looks so I think we did alright.

Super Grandma came along with us and was a big help, it really makes a huge difference having an extra pair of hands.

The older children were extremely excited and loved the cool weather. I think the change in temperature was a bit of a shock to Luke’s little body. His cheeks went bright red and started to peel, luckily I had brought along their cream. He eventually caught a cold and started coughing despite being dressed in many layers of warm clothes.

Our photos don’t show how gorgeous the region of Margaret River really is, we did a day tour on the second day. The whole family went canoeing down the Margaret River , the kids had a blast ! I never expected Max to enjoy it as much as her did, our tour guide was fantastic with him.

Mr Rosy Cheeks, unfortunately that’s where his skin started to peel as well

Loving the cool weather! It was lovely to spend so much time outdoors and not be drenched in sweat.

A beautiful morning

A family photo on the edge of the coastal cliff

The amazing view, nature at its very best

Both kids enjoyed their pony rides

A beautiful and extremely gentle horse

Ally loved the sheep

Their favourite job, herding the sheep each evening

Enjoying the playground, Mama didn’t have to worry about HFMD!

Absolutely loving it

Was it hard traveling with the children? In a way yes, the older two were perfectly fine. Luke seemed a bit unsettled by all the changes but he was quite the trooper. Everyone was reluctant to leave, we all loved the spring weather, the animals and the vast space.

If you’re thinking of visiting Margaret River , check out Margaret River Hideaway, Sunflower animal farm and Margaret River discovery tours. There are tons of things to do with kids in the region and Perth is a manageable 5 hour plane ride away.













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