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I lose my temper with them more often than I should. At times I choose my computer over playing games with my children.  I forget to praise them when they deserve it but I’m quick to point out their faults and wrong doings. Yet tonight, while putting Ally to bed, she grabbed me and gave me a tight hug. Then she whispered in my ear ” You are the best mama I could ever want”

I felt so undeserving…. and so grateful for their unconditional love .

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An Article on Cleft Palates

That’s my girl!

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He’s Not Slow, He Just Has His Own Timeline

Being the subsequent born child is always difficult. Everyone starts comparing with the first child, it’s fine if both children are similar. Unfortunately for Luke, his elder sister is a firecracker. She was born a fighter, always eager to be on the go. Ally rolled over very early and could crawl at 5 1/2 months. She was cruising at 6 months and could feed herself quite well by the time she was 8 months old. Max was slightly slower but not too far behind.

Luke on the other hand is a very laid back child. He loves to watch the world go by, without a care in the world. At 5 1/2 months, he can grab his toes and stick them in his mouth. That’s about it. He hasn’t rolled over yet, he can support his head if you place him on his tummy, but not for a very long time.

Matt and I aren’t concern about his development at this stage, by now we have learned that babies will do things in their own time, when they are ready. In the meantime I am savoring my last baby, in all his chubbiness and taking in that gorgeous baby smell which I wish would last forever.

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Weaning Time

Luke is going to be 6 months old soon, in the last few weeks he has started to show a great interest in our food. I was looking through old pictures and found some of Max . Let’s just hope Luke will be a much better eater than his brother.


One of his first foods, ripe banana

Still a favourite till today, steam broccoli and cheese

I miss his baby face

I can’t remember what he had that day, rice? Mash potato?

Oh yes, baby led weaning can be VERY messy





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Which means “Bring Your Own Water” by the way. We went out for dinner with the children had an unpleasant encounter at Bakerzin North Point.

I ordered food for the children and noticed that they charged $0.30 for water. As it was stated clearly in the menu, I had no issues with this even though I think its ridiculous. What happened next was even more ludicrous. Ally had the seafood pasta, we were told there were no clams and muscles today, okay that’s fine. When her pasta came I found a slice of sausage and a piece of red chili, no doubt from another other dish. It didnt matter much to us cos we’re not vegetarian but I can imagine how upset a vegetarian would be!

That aside, the dish was obviously spicy, Ally kept downing gulps of water with every bite. She finished her glass of water quickly and I asked for a refill. This is where the fun began. I was told that they didn’t provide refills, if I wanted more water , its an additonal $0.30 for a new glass. It’s not like I sat down and didn’t order anything, we each had mains and two cakes. And this was for a child! Not some adult trying to be cheap. I didn’t make a scene, neither was I rude to the wait staff, she didn’t make the policy, her company did. I did tell her how ridiculous it was and refused to pay for another glass of water.

We are definitely not going back there, you want to charge for water, fine , but don’t come and charge me for refills , that’s just ripping your customers off.

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Fire ! Fire!

Like most boys, Max loves fire engines. I’ve heard and read about the open houses that the fire stations hold every Saturday morning so I took Max to the Yishun Fire Station as a surprise.

We reached there around 9.30am and we were the only people there for the open house. The firemen were busy with their work but they quickly obliged with a tour of the facilities. I had both the boys with me and two of them actually babysat Luke while Max and I had our tour. All the staff were extremely friendly and patient with the boys.

He was thrilled to have a chance to explore the fire engine

He loved playing with the steering wheel

I was pleasantly surprise by the friendliness of the staff and the informative tour. Even though it was just Max and myself, they showed us all around and let Max explore all the different vehicles.

The highlight of the morning was definitely the hose. They set it up for the children and needless to say Max had a blast ( pun intended)

He didn’t want to put the hose down

At the end of the tour they even posed for a group photograph with the boys!

Max had such a great time that he asked me to take him back the following week. Once again we were the only people there for the open house and they gladly set up the hose for him again. This time he was given a firemen’s hat and jacket which he refused to take off for the rest of the morning.



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