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Raising My Dancing Boy

Max has been asking for dance classes for awhile now, yes you read it right, dance classes. Ever since he saw a tap dancing segment on TV, he was hooked. At that time he was 3 and way too young. I thought it was a passing phase and didn’t act on it either.

More than a year later and once again he said ” Mama, remember you said you will find me a tap class?”  I did remember and so I rang dance schools to try and find a class for him. I knew it was a next to impossible task, we had such a tight schedule as it is and furthermore, I wanted a male teacher for him. I knew in a sport dominated by girls, he would need a good male role model.

We have no issues with Max wanting to dance , even if he had wanted to learn ballet I would have found a class for him. Some people might ask if he’s soft or a sissy, to those people I would calmly say, no he isn’t. Taking up dancing isn’t going to make him girly or soft. In the same way signing my daughter up for football isn’t going to turn her into a tomboy.

Right now Max is  young, he is at that cute stage where most people would still feel its acceptable for him to learn dancing. If he continues his lessons as he gets older, I know he is going to run into his fair share of ignorant people who will question him or give him strange looks.

In case you want to know why we are supportive of his dancing, the answer is simple. As his parents, we will support and encourage him in whatever interest he shows. It isn’t our job to judge his choices, it is our job to help him explore those choices and find his passion.

It wasn’t short of a miracle that I found a class which suited our timing and to top it off, was taught by a male teacher. I took Max down for a trial and though he was apprehensive at first, he was beaming with joy by the end of the class. He said to me ” I love it Mama and I want to come back.”

I don’t know how long Max’s interest in dance is going to last, but as long as it does, we will support him all the way.

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