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Reivew Of Legoland Malaysia

We took all 3 kids to Legoland recently, and unfortunately we didn’t take many photos. But here is my review of legoland along with some tips if you are planning to visit soon.

Getting there:

If you go via the Tuas 2nd link, its an easy drive. There are legoland banners all along the highway and just look out for the brown signs that says ” Nursajaya, Legoland”   Park as close to Medini mall as you can as access to the park is via the mall.  There are lots of parking lots ( all unshaded) and as for now, parking is free.

We purchased tickets at the park itself as I had discount coupons. My advice, buy tickets online as it took awhile to purchase tickets. We went on a weekday so there wasn’t much of a crowd and even then it took awhile to buy tickets. Malaysian citizens get a discount if you show your MyKad. No park map was given with the tickets which would have been very helpful.

The park is extremely hot as most people have already mentioned. The trees are newly planted but my guess is even when fully grown they won’t provide ample shade. Bring hats and sunblock for the children plus lots of water. It is very easy for the kids to overheat so make sure you offer them fluids regularly.

Food and Drink: As expected at any theme park, food and drink options are pricey. We didn’t eat in the park so I can’t comment on the quality of the food but from what I saw it didn’t look great. There were western options like pizza and pasta and some local dishes like chicken rice. Drinks were around RM6 per bottle. We took our own water bottles plus finger food, that saved us a lot of money. There are cheaper options at the mall just outside Legoland as well.

Gift shop: The prices of the Lego sets are about the same price as those found in Singapore. It’s not worth buying unless its a hard to find set.

Rides: Most of the rides were perfect for Ally who is 5 and about 110cm. There are lots of height requirements, children under 90cm will find more suitable rides Imagination Zone and Lego City. Max was very disappointed that he wasn’t allowed on many rides, even the fairly tame horse ride in Adventure land. He is 3 1/2 but on the small side so be aware if you have toddlers like him , they will be quite disappointed.  Check the website which provides the height requirements for the different rides, we didn’t and I regretted not doing so.

The weekday crowd was very manageable, we hardly queued for any rides, at most 5 minutes. I would highly recommend going during the off-season if you can. Remember the heat that I mentioned? Imagine having to queue up to 30 mins in that heat with young children, NOT FUN. As expected, the water rides and roller coasters were the most popular. The water ride has the tendency to be closed quite frequently so be aware.

Most rides will close when it starts to rain, and it can be quite a wait for them to re-open them, especially for the roller coasters. Once you see the roller coasters start to operate without anyone riding them, head towards the ride cos it means they are about to re-open. They do two test runs before the ride re-opens.

Play areas: There are a couple of play areas within the park, some are under the shade, others are not. They are extremely hot all the same. The shade blocks out the sun but it also prevents any wind from coming through which makes it very stuffy. It would have been great if there were fans underneath the shelter. Go to the play area later in the evenings when it isn’t so hot.

Babycare: There is a babycare room in Imagination Land. It is a quiet cooling refuge from the heat and crowds. No strollers are allowed inside though. There are high chairs, baby changing facilities and two breastfeeding areas. There are also several chairs and lego tables for young toddlers.

Legolands opens at 10am and their closing time varies depending on the day. There is very little chance to avoid the heat, unless you are extremely lucky to get a cloudy day. Take an extra change of clothes for the children, as well as the adults. I was dripping with sweat within ten minutes and could have done with a change. There is a drying station where the water ride is which is quite useful. For young kids, there is a little water area , the kind with jets shooting up from the ground. That would definitely provide some relief from the heat. Wear comfortable walking shoes and comfortable clothing, there is lots of walking to be done, something to consider if you are going there with young children. We brought our own stroller but there are strollers for rental at the park. Take note they are the hard plastic kind like those found in many theme parks like disneyland. Definitely not suitable for infants. Oh, don’t forget the mosquito repellant, Luke had a couple of bites and so did I.

I know it sounds like we didn’t have an enjoyable day but we really did. Both the children enjoyed it in their own ways, personally the park is great for kids aged 5-13. Max did have a great time as well , the driving school was a big hit with him, as was the train ride.  For the adults the various Lego creations throughout the park are pretty amazing.

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Food Adventures

Luke has turned 7 months and is slowly getting the hang of eating solid food. Just as I did with Max, we are using the baby led weaning technique. It works for our family cos it means I don’t need to make a separate meal just for Luke, he can eat whatever the older two are having.

I started off with fruits like bananas, poached apples and pears. He has also tried cucumber, brocolli and steamed carrots. Baby led weaning is messy, there’s no two ways about it. Take a look


And more prunes! Prunes are great to help relief constipation

He loves his avocado

Avocado gets slippery over time as the child keeps handling it so they may need so help picking it up

Gumming on his piece of steak and loving it

He liked plain pasta

Loved his oranges as well

Not a fan of watermelon

He was absolutely delighted with his “chicken rice”

When we are out and people watch him eat, they always stare in amazement. One common question everyone asks ” does he have any teeth?”  When I tell them no they look at me like I have horns growing out of my head. Let me clarify, even without teeth he can gum on most foods that are naturally soft or have been steamed/ boiled. Anything that you can mash between your fingers is pretty safe.  Now you’re going to say ” but what about the chicken and steak?”  When we give him meats, he usually sucks on them that’s it. Of course the meat breaks off at times so you have to watch your child at all times. Number one rule of weaning, never leave your baby unattended with food.

At his age he plays with his food more than he eats. It’s about exploration, I don’t force him to eat anything , neither do I place a piece of food into his mouth. With baby led weaning you let the child pick up the food and feed themselves. At times they will put a whole chunk of food into their mouth which may startle you. But they usually know how to push their piece of food back out again, don’t panic. Trying to take a piece of food out of their mouth with your finger could result in you pushing it even further in.

For now Luke seems to be enjoying his food tremendously. He is a very adventurous eater and would try almost anything placed in front of him. After having a fussy eater like Max, I’m hoping Luke will continue to enjoy his food.













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