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Tough As Nails

Ally has been down with a pretty bad bug , she’s had a high temperature for the last few days and a nagging cough that bothers her throughout the night.

I’ve probably said this lots of times but I’m always amazed at how resilient and tough she is. Even when her temperature spiked at 39.5, she never complained. In fact she was still playing with Max, running around the house. I know how awful it feels when your body is aching and your head is throbbing but she never seems bothered by any of that.

Last night her coughing kept both of us up for most of the night. She would get a coughing fit and the poor girl just could not stop coughing. As expected, she coughed till she threw up, twice in fact. She didn’t cry, she just told me ” Mama, I threw up on the bed, sorry I made a mess”  I reassured her that it was alright and got her changed.

We’re praying that she recovers quickly and that the rest of the family is spared from the bug. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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