Mummy’s Getting Old

We celebrated my birthday with a weekend stay at Royal Plaza on Scotts. All of us had such a fantastic time especially the children. We had booked a room on the club level since the idea of finger food throughout the whole day suits us to a T. To our surprise, they had upgraded us to a corporate suite, yep, a suite! It was gorgeous, with an oh so comfortable bed, Bose sound system and a Wii play console. Since it was the corporate suite, there was a huge meeting table that could seat 10 at one end of the room as well.

The living room

Ally and Max kept running up and down the suite, jumping on the sofas, jumping on the bed, jumping in the crib, you get the picture. To say that they were excited was a huge understatement.

Testing out the crib

And again

The kids doing forbidden things, standing on the sofa and sitting on the table

Ally wanted to go swimming immediately so we changed and headed for the pool. Royal Plaza on Scotts isn’t known as a kiddie hotel, hence there was only 1 adult pool which was FREEZING. The boys wisely decided to head back to the room to play in the bathtub while Ally insisted on swimming. We didn’t last more than 10 minutes before we ran upstairs to join the boys.

Boy on coffee table

We had access to the club lounge where the kids could not stop eating the almond shortbread cookies. Drinks are served throughout the day but kids are not allowed into the lounge after 6pm. Every staff member that we met were genuinely friendly, one lady even gave us a whole plate of cookies for us to bring back to our room to devour.

The hotel surprised us with a birthday cake for little old me. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the cake before the children attacked it.

Caught in the act

More evidence of cake theft

One of the perks about the hotel? Free minibar! Yup, it’s stocked with cans of Coke, Sprite, 4 bottles of water, juices, Milo and 2 cans of beer. The minibar is restocked on a daily basis, oh and free Wifi is availble throughout the hotel. It’s really fast as well, the kids were watching videos on Youtube with no problems.

Since we were in the heart of Orchard road, we ventured out for dinner to a nearby japanese restaurant. We spent the rest of the night just hanging out in the room enjoying the comforts.

On the club floors there are bowls of fruit at the lift lobby for guests to help themselves, between the almond cookies and the fruit, you can guess which one the kids picked.

Making use of the huge meeting table

High on chocolate

Max and his Milo

Since it was a special weekend, we let the kids indulge in as many treats as they wanted, I bet it seemed like Christmas came early to them since ordinarily they are not allowed chocolate or sweets.

It was a perfect way to spend my birthday, we all enjoyed ourselves and the staff at Royal Plaza on Scotts made it that little bit more special. Ally has already asked us when we will be going back.

Here is my really quick feedback about the hotel


-Central location

-friendly staff

-decent dining options

-clean and comfortable rooms

-Free Wifi and minibar

-crib available on request

-100% non smoking


-small adult swimming pool, not suitable for young children

-no facilities for children

-rooms don’t have a decent view since you’re mostly surrounded by buildings



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