Mama Made

I’ve been busy sewing some clothes for the kids, thanks to Bonnie at Fishsticks Design , I decided to try and sew a T-shirt for Max. I have to say it turned out better than I expected and I’m really pleased. It didn’t take too long as well, an hour tops.

I made Max a pair of pants, complete with pockets using Bonnie’s inside out pocket pattern. I’ve yet to master the hidden pockets yet, my first two attempts were a disaster so we shall leave that for another day.

Max in his "Mama Made" outfit, the pants cost less than $2 to make

Ally is into a really girly phase at the moment, she loves twirly skirts and dresses so I bought a pattern from Mccalls to try and sew a dress for her. I’ve always had a phobia of these traditional patterns, they always seem extremely complicated. True enough it was, first of all I had to print out 25 pages of patterns and try to piece the entire thing together like a jigsaw puzzle. Then I had to figure out which patterns were needed for her dress. I chose the smallest size, US 3. It took me about 4 hours but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Ally's attempt at posing for me

Testing out her twirly dress

And again

What you can’t see from the picture are the safety pins that are holding the back of the dress. It turned out WAY too big, at least 5 inches too big in the bodice area. I’m not inclined to alter the dress so she’ll just have to grow into it. In the meantime I might make her another one which fits her better. I love the fabric, not even sure where it’s from since I took it from my mom’s stash. Pity I don’t have enough left to make her a smaller version.



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2 responses to “Mama Made

  1. *clap clap clap!!* HWA! You’re becoming an expert in sewing! The dress DOES look complicated, well done mama! p/s im not going any where near that stage at that moment- looks too difficult! ha!

  2. I have a simple pattern for you if you want to try, that dress WAS complicated but after doing it once, it’s not so bad. It’s way more fun to sew for girls than boys 🙂

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