Sink or Swim

Ally is no doubt a water baby, she loves swimming and if you ask her what she wants to do in the afternoon, she’ll say ” swim!” But she didn’t start off like that.

I love the water and always wanted the kids to learn to be water safe. Ally started lessons at around 18 months, we didn’t do it any earlier because of her various ENT issues. In the beginning, she was the child that was always crying. She loved the water but lacked the confidence. She would cry and scream and no doubt people around us thought we were torturing her. We perservered with lessons and thankfully her coach has the patience of a saint. On top of her regular swimming lessons, we took her to the pool as often as we could. We would just let her play in the baby pool and never forced her to put her head under if she didn’t feel like it.

Those early days are but a distant memory, at the moment Ally loves the water and is a very confident little swimmer. She has been learning basic strokes and techniques and though she has a long way to go, she loves swimming which is great.

She is always eager to start her lessons

Surfacing after diving down to retrieve the dive sticks

Getting ready to swim to her coach

Despite her ENT issues, she's made remarkable progress

Ally is extremely determined and yes, competitive as well. Though she can’t hold her breath as long as her other friends, she tries very hard. I guess with her nasal passages always blocked, it’s hard for her to really hold her breath for a long time.  But we’ve seen improvement and I’ve no doubt she’ll catch up soon.

Introduction to Freestyle

Max on the other hand, started swimming lessons at 4 months. He was fearless and took to it like a fish, he could swim underwater for short periods of time and it didn’t faze him. As he got older, he became more cautious , we took a 6 month break from swim classes to settle Ally into school and by the time we started again, he became hesitant. But we continued to take him to the pool on a regular basis and he’s slowly gaining his confidence. Since we went through a similar experience with Ally, we know that he’ll get there eventually.

Happy to be splashing

Cheeky boy trying to splash mama

When he's pushed out of his comfort zone, this is what happens

Taken 8 months ago, he was much more confident then

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