A New Playscape

We headed over to T3 to check out a new play area at the basement. I can’t remember what it’s called but it looked interesting.

The play items had lots of lights and different features, Max wasn't quite sure about the water beneath the slide

The spinning tunnel

The place was brightly lit and looked whimsical, Max was very wary of everything while Ally jumped straight in with gusto.

She loved the climbing frame

The funny merry go round thing

It’s a small area and Ally got bored after about an hour, Max was just starting to warm though so we stayed a little while more. I can imagine the place can get pretty chaotic on the weekends when there are more kids. The ball pit area is rather small and the younger ones like Max, can get quite badly hurt if no one watches them. That’s easier said then done cos I was in the ball pit with two other moms and it already felt cramp.

Still unsure about the whole place

Finally enjoying himself

Showing Max how its done

He found falling down just as fun as trying to jump

Would I take the kids back again? Maybe not unless its a special treat. It cost us $36 for the 3 of us for two hours of play and frankly at their ages, they will never last a full 2 hours. There are lots of playscapes that are more affordable. I personally feel the modular playscapes offers the children a lot more fun. The play area at T3 was definitely alright for a one off visit but they really should consider lowering their entrance fees in order to stay competitive.



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2 responses to “A New Playscape

  1. It’s a pity that the entrance fees are so pricey and it doesn’t look that fun 😛 At least for the mummy who’s always finding excuses to act young with my toddler. Perhaps you can check out the inflatable playground that’s up during the June holidays 🙂

    Oh yeah anyway it’s called the SingKids Playsystem. The name coincidentally appears in your first photo 🙂

    • Yes it’s a real pity that it’s so expensive, the novelty of the place really does wear off quite quickly, my kids are definitely more interested in the traditional play grounds. Will go check out the inflatable playground, is it the same one that they usually put up around Christmas? Thanks for pointing out the name, I just realised that it was in my photo as well 🙂

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