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T-Shirt for Max

A surprise arrived today, no it was not a Mother’s day present. The postman brought me a huge pile of fabric! Okay, I know everyone is rolling their eyes at me cos I’m getting excited over fabric. And it’s not exactly a surprise since I ordered it. Here’s the stash.

To the hubby's credit, he didn't say anything when he saw the pile

I don’t sew with knits often but I do love one simple fact, they don’t fray so there’s no need to finish your seams if you’re feeling lazy! I have been wanting to sew a T-shirt for a really long time but didn’t quite know how to get started. Thanks to Youtube I foundĀ  a video and decided to try it out. I used an existing pattern that I had bought for Max’s Pjs with some minor alterations.

It didn’t take me too long but I did make a mistake of stretching the sleeves too much while hemming. Will try a walking foot the next time to see if I get better results. And here is Max’s shirt.

In case you couldn't figure it out, that is meant to be a truck in the middle. I can't draw to save my life, enough said. Please ignore my alien looking toe in the corner and feel free not to comment about it.

The knit fabric is soft and most importantly, cool. Essential for our crazy hot weather these few days, Max was pleased but the fit wasn’t quite right. I forget how narrow his shoulders are so more alterations will be needed. Not too bad for a first try and now I know what NOT to do, we’ll try again tomorrow.

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