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Singapore’s First Trampoline Park

I took Ally to the trampoline park the other night and we had a blast! It’s newly opened and for now they only operate in the evenings.

It took me awhile to find the place and I was surprised that it was smaller than I expected. Rates are $12/hour for both children and adults.

The highlight of the place was definitely the foam pit. Daredevil Ally tried forward flips into the pit , we even tried to do a mother/daughter synchronise flip.

It’s a fantastic workout, the place is well ventilated and even then we were drenched with sweat by the time the hour was up. I would recommend taking children 4 years and older, adult supervision is needed at all times as there are other people trying out tricks and flips all around. Socks are to be worn at all times, if the kids have non-slip socks, I highly recommend it. We wore regular socks and it was slippery. Adult non-slip socks at sold at there at $3.80 per pair.

I didn’t manage to get any photos since we were too busy bouncing!

Check out their website for more details, we’ll definitely be heading back again.

AMPED Trampoline Park

Address: 369 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437126 (#02-01, above the foodcourt)

Free Parking at location


Tel: 983.983.95

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Art Attack!

We wanted to visit the Singapore Bird Park but the weather was miserable so we had to change our plans to something indoors. I’ve been wanting to check out the Art Garden at the Singapore Art Museum so we decided to head there instead.

Definitely not a day to be outdoors

It took us almost an hour to reach Queen’s Street, little did we know that there were floods around various parts of Singapore. We were very lucky to escape the massive traffic jam on the CTE.

The exhibition was really interesting, some were interactive, others had a strict “hands off ” policy. Needless to say the kids enjoyed those that they could touch, play or even throw.

Max checking out the grass

It was interesting, even for Max, there was a lot for him to touch, see and explore. I enjoyed watching the children take in the various exhibitions in their own ways.

Ally and her trees in "Walter's Garden"

There were some art and crafts stations where children could make little puppets or color butterflies.

We spent quite a while walking around and letting the children explore. After we were done, we decided to check out Food for Thought since it was just next door. Ally was yawning before the food came and sure enough, we drove home with 2 sleeping children, such bliss.


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We were given a set of Hama beads and I have to admit I was really hesitant to accept them at first. With Max around, the little beads just seemed too risky. I stashed the package away but this morning when Max was taking his nap, I gave in and showed it to Ally. She took to it immediately and picked out a heart to make for her daddy.

Hama beads come in two sizes, Ally was working with the slightly larger beads meant for children 3-6 years. Even then the beads are rather small and require a lot of concentration to put in place. It is good training for their fine motor skills. What I love about the product is you can make anything as long as you can imagine it. They even sell glow in the dark beads, how cool is that?

In case you’re wondering where to buy them, check out Growing Fun!

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A New Playground

With the unpredictable weather these days, we’re always looking for indoor places for the kids to run off some energy. Paragon is always a family favourite, Ally loves the playground on the 5th floor. It gets extremely busy on the weekends and during school holidays but on a regular weekday, it’s pure bliss.

Recently we were surprised to find that they have installed a new play structure.

The new playground at Paragon

Having fun on the slide

The air-conditioning can be quite inconsistent, at times it can be freezing, other times it was really hot. Bring along a jacket just in case!

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Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a charity that is very close to our hearts for obvious reasons.  They are a non-profit organisation that repairs childhood facial deformities like cleft lips & palates.

They had a charity car wash and carnival on Saturday so we took the kids down to show our support. There were a few rides and a couple of game stalls. The first thing that caught Ally’s eye was the mini Viking. She insisted that we had to have a go on it, I was worried that she would burst into tears once the ride started. I told her it was just like a big swing and after a while she began to really enjoy herself.

Ally insisted that I ride the Viking with her, despite my smile, I wasn't enjoying the ride much

The next thing that she wanted to try was the Zorb ball. Its like a huge ball which was placed on a pool of water and you had to run around inside to get it going. Sort of like a hamster ball. I was a bit hesitant to let her try it since it was scorching hot and I wasn’t sure if it would freak her out being in the ball all by herself. But Matt convinced me to let her give it a go and she bravely climbed into the ball while it was inflated.

Fully inflated and ready to go!

She really didn’t understand the concept of the whole thing, but it was great to see her trying something new.  Ally was wondering why she was floating on top of the water and yet, stayed dry.

This is pretty much the position she stayed in the entire time

After that she saw some paddle boats and decided to give that a go as well.

It was an extremely hot afternoon, we let her play a couple of games before we decided to head home. A fun afternoon for a very good cause!

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Cold Storage Kid’s Run 2010

Our morning didn’t start off particularly well, Ally woke up crying which is very unusual for her. She was also a bit clingy and whiny. Luckily after a quick shower her mood was a lot better and we were ready to go.

Max’s event was first, he was entered in the 800m stroller chase, this meant that he had to sit in his stroller while I pushed him for 800m. Sounds easy? Well, firstly there were lots of crying babies/toddlers around us. It was nap time for a lot of babies and the heat made a lot of them very irritable. I have to give it to Max, he sat in his stroller without a fuss, entertaining himself with a water bottle and his clip on fan.

Max wearing shoes for the 2nd time in his life. He kept trying to take them off

It was really hot, but thankfully there was a lovely breeze and I really enjoyed the stroller event.

Meanwhile, Ally and grandma were getting ready for their event. By now the sun was out in full force and Ally was starting to get tired.

waiting for her turn

waiting with grandma

hot and tired

Watching her slump against grandma, I seriously had my doubts if she would even last till her event. Anyway we had enough manpower to take turns carrying her if need be. She surprised all of us by getting a 2nd wind by the time her event came around.

Off they go!

Ally did really well, she was one of the youngest in her event and 800m is a really long distance for a 2 year old. She ran about half of it, walked a bit , was carried for a while and then ran again. We were so proud of her!

Grandma did a fantastic job cheering her on and encouraging her all of the way, we really enjoyed having her there.

taking a well deserved break

Overall the event was pretty well organised, crowd control was great , they made sure that the lanes were not overcrowded at any point in time. They even had cheerleaders at one end encouraging the kids on, I thought that was a nice touch. All the participants received medals which is always a big deal to the kids. We’ll definitely be back next year.

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West Coast Park revisited & kite flying

We decided to head back to West Coast Park once again, our last visit was abruptly interrupted by a thunderstorm. Thankfully we didn’t have any rain today but the sun was scorching hot!

The big kids playground which I badly wanted to try out

Ally trying out the balance beams with some help from daddy

She's definitely Daddy's girl

Max and I were trying to hide in the shade of the trees, the poor boy started sweating two minutes after we got out of the car. He really needs a haircut!

The toddler play area

Max checking out the sandand deciding he doesnt quite like it

2 monkeys on the slide

It was really too hot to play so we headed to MacDonald’s for a drink and some food. On our way there, we saw a little girl standing all alone on the path of the park. She couldn’t have been older than 2, there she was, all by herself, looking lost. The park was rather quiet at that time so we just stayed near her to see if her mother was walking around looking for her. Nothing. I asked the little girl where her mum was but she couldn’t tell me. We had seen her at the toddler playground earlier, digging in the sand. She must have wandered off without her mother noticing.

I picked her up and carried her back to the playground while Matt walked around to look for her mother. Turns out, her mother was busy talking to her friend and hadn’t even realised that her daughter was missing! She look puzzled to see me carrying her child but was not overly concerned that her daughter had wandered off all by herself. Matt and I were really shocked by her rather blasé attitude towards the whole situation. What if someone had just come along and carried her daughter away? Or what if the little girl had walked into the car park which was just a few meters from where we found her? Even though Singapore is relatively safe, you really shouldn’t take such chances with your child.

The whole incident spoiled my mood for a bit, I didn’t dare to think what could have happened to that little girl.

Anyway, we decided to take our chance and try to fly Ally’s new kite. Let me explain the bad luck we have had with kite flying. The first time there was absolutely no wind, so we went back the next day and it was perfect kite flying weather. We managed to get the kite into the sky, only to be told shortly after by two police officers that we had to stop flying our kites since the army camp nearby was carrying out some air exercises . Today, we were lucky, it was perfect kite flying weather and there were no helicopters in sight.

Beautiful skies

Matt and Ally quickly took our her kite and within minutes, the kite was in the air. I , however, was stuck in the car .

My sleeping pork chop

Max had fallen asleep and we didn’t want to wake him up, thankfully it was so breezy so I just wound down all the car windows and people watched.

A flying sotong (squid)

Look how high her kite flew

Like any toddler, Ally’s attention span is all of twenty minutes. Once the kite was high up in the sky she started to get bored. By this time Max had woken up from his nap so he joined in the fun for a while.

Tired & thirsty after a long afternoon out

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