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Shoo flu Shoo

We’re all down with the flu bug, only Matt seems to have escaped. It all started innocently enough, Ally had a slight cold on Wednesday but by evening she seemed fine. Thursday was my turn to feel unwell and just this evening, Max’s eyes started tearing and now his nose is dripping.

I hate it when the kids catch colds, it means they can’t sleep well at night which means I don’t get any sleep as well. Ally is really tough, she takes her medications without any fuss and somehow still seems to have countless energy. Max on the other hand behaves like a typical male, the slightest sneeze and suddenly it seems like the whole world is ending. He is clingy, grouchy and just plain miserable. Feeding him medication is a nightmare and usually results in him gagging or throwing up.

We didn’t do much today, just hung around at home and lazed the time away. Max has discovered his walker and is delighted at his new found mobility.

The wheels are kind of slippery on our wooden floor so someone always has to be there to make sure he doesn’t fall.

Ally spent much of the day singing and doing her usual monkey business.

Life is never boring in our house!

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Be right back

Lots to say but it’s annoying trying to type without my ‘enter” key. Will be back as soon as I get it fixed. In the meantime, some recent (and random!) pictures of the kids.

Ally and I built a house for Elmo

Max at Kindermusik

Max's first kiddy ride with Ally

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Shake shake shake!

Anyone who knows me can attest that I’m not the most creative person.  Ally used to do really interesting crafts at her Julia Gabriel classes but with Max in the picture now, finding the time to do arts and crafts with her is difficult. Today we decided to do a very simple but fun project while Max took his nap. We made music shakers!

Materials needed, plastic bottles, beads or beans

Keeping in mind that Ally is only 2 1/2 and her attention span is all of 5 minutes, I had to make sure I had all the materials laid out and waiting.

All you have to do is pour the beads or beans into the bottle, screw on the cap and that’s it. I opted to use beads since they’re visually more pleasing, we bought two different size beads so that each shaker made a slightly different sound.

Beads in a bowl

I poured the tiny beads into a bowl and handed her a spoon to help her transfer them into the bottle. This is a really good activity for her motor skills and she managed it quite well, spilling only a few in the process.

Ally's finished product, she made one for Max

She decided to stick stickers onto the bottles when she had finished and decided to make a mini version for Max as well. They had lots of fun with the shakers and making as much noise as they possibly could.

Look at poor Neesha trying to get some peace and quiet

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Treasuring the children

It’s easy to get annoyed with Ally’s endless questions, Max’s frequent night wakings and the plain lack of sleep. But after reading this blog , my whole mindset has changed. I now feel blessed that I can hear my children crying out for me, that I can hold them, comfort them, that they are blessed with good health. I can’t imagine watching your own child die before your very eyes and knowing that is nothing you can do.

It’s so hard to remember what blessings my children are when I’m physically and mentally tired. But I know I’m so lucky to have two healthy children whom I need to love and treasure daily. Rest in peace Layla Grace, may you be free from all suffering and be happily playing with the angels.

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Shutterbug and chew toys

We bought Ally a digital camera meant for kids. She managed to work it out within minutes but still needs lots of practice with regards to taking pictures. Most of her earlier shots were of the floor, the ceiling and random body parts of Matt, Max and myself.  I’ll upload some of her shots tomorrow so stay tuned.

On a different note, we saw her speech therapist today and on her recommendation, we’re getting Ally a device to help strengthen her jaw muscles. Honestly, it looks like a dog’s chew toy, just take a look if you don’t believe me.

We’re hoping that this chew toy, oops, I mean therapy tool will help with her jaw and facial muscles.

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Then and now

Its amazing how fast the kids grow up, just take a look at these pictures!

Sometimes I wish time would just freeze for a moment, I miss holding my newborn babies in my arms and smelling that baby scent.

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Days like this

Days like this I really want to climb back into bed and pull the covers over my head.

Days like this I want to yell and scream like the kids but that would accomplish nothing.

Days like this I wish I had more than one me, so that at least one of me could take a break.

Days like this I wonder how I would cope till the kid’s naptime.

Days like this I yearn for my single carefree days.

Days like this I wonder if the kids had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed or if its just me.

Days like this I take a deep breath, pick myself up again and start over.

Because I know days like this are all part and parcel of parenthood and a smile or a hug from one of the children always helps me forget about days like this.

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