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Kidzania Bangkok

If you’re ever in Bangkok, be sure to check out Kidzania. Located at Siam Paragon, Kidzania Bangkok is the largest Kidzania in Asia at the moment.

It can get very crowded during weekends and school holidays, Ally and I were lucky that the crowd was manageable. We visited Kidzania on a weekday afternoon, the entry fee isn’t cheap and accompanying adults are required to pay as well.

At the entrance you’re greeted by a real AirAsia plane, once you walk into the park, your senses are assaulted by the lights, sounds and sights. There is a lot to take in and it can seem overwhelming and confusing at first.

Each person is given a map which shows you where the various shops are. Children can choose to either work at the store and earn “money” or be a customer at certain stores and “pay” for a service. Each child starts off with 50 in kid currency,

photo 5

The Theater which had shows at various times of the day

photo 4

The all important Bank where kids cash cheques and deposit cash

photo 3

One of the many stores where kids get work

Ally took awhile to warm up, she was initially hesitant to try out the various jobs. Part of the issue was the language. Staff mainly spoke Thai which is understandable, but it made her slightly nervous .

photo 1


One of the first jobs she tried was being a fire fighter. The children were taught basic fire safety and then rode on the fire engine to put out a fire! Riding the fire engine was the highlight for Ally.

photo 2

It’s really cute to see the kids dressed up in the different uniforms. parents are required to stay outside each ” building” .

photo 4

Once Ally did a few jobs, she started to get into the swing of things and enjoyed reading the various job descriptions to see which job would pay her the most money.

photo 2

The photography job was a brilliant concept, let down by a less than enthusiastic staff member .

photo 1 photo 5

photo 3

I personally loved the Courier job, the kids looked so cute pushing the kid size trolley around delivering goods!

A few tips from my own experience at Kidzania Bangkok.

  • Avoid local school holidays and weekends if possible
  • The flight simulator seems to be the most popular attraction, plan to do that first if you don’t spot a queue.
  • Bring your own food and drink, there are food options inside, none of which were really fantastic.
  • Plan to reach Kidzania early. I never understood why people could spend up to 6 hours there, having been there myself I now know its easily done. Let me explain, each job takes about 6 participants and jobs don’t start till they have 6 children. If the park is relatively empty, there can be a lot of waiting to fill up those spots. Each job takes about 20-25 mins, some shorter, add that into waiting time and yes, you CAN spend 5 hours there. There are over 40 jobs for the children to try out.
  • Go with a friend or siblings. Even though Ally enjoyed herself, she did mention that it would have been more fun with her brothers or a friend.
  • Remind your child to let staff members know that they don’t understand Thai. Most of the staff spoke in Thai but happily translated for Ally when she told them she couldn’t understand.
  • Avoid the bank 15 mins prior to closing time, the lines get very long.
  • The kids need a minimum of 100 kids currency to exchange for something in the shop. They don’t get a lot for 100 so adjust your kids expectations accordingly.

We spent 3 1/2 hours there and Ally commented that it’s the most fun indoor playground she’s ever been to. She didn’t get to do all the jobs she wanted but left happy as she earned enough to redeem a small gift.

Kidzania Bangkok

Siam Paragon, 5th Floor Tel: 0 2683-1888


Mon –  Fri :    10.00 AM –  5.00 PM
Sat, Sun & Public hol.:   10.00 AM – 3.00 PM,

4.00PM- 9.00PM


Babies Toddlers Kids (4-14) Adults Seniors
THB Free ฿350.00 ฿850.00 ฿480.00 ฿400.00

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