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Missing…… and lots of Updates

I’ve been busy lazy to write which accounts for the long silence.


Ally has started Primary 1 , the transition was as expected, difficult. She attended a small kindergarten, where the kids knew all the teachers and vice versa. It was a very friendly place and she loved her 3 years there. We enrolled her into a big primary school, with kids from age 7 all the way to 16.  The sheer size of the school buildings were enough to scare her, not to mention going from a class of 20 children to one of 32 kids. It was as much a learning experience for her as it was for us. We had to learn to let go, to let her find her own feet and yet gently support her without being overly anxious or pushy. I can now confidently say that she has settled into school, I can’t say she’s 100% happy but I think she’s accepted that this is what primary school is going to be like.

Some people have commented that we have sheltered her during her kindergarten years by enrolling her in a small school. If I could do it all again , would I have done it differently? Nope. She has had 3 years with teachers who care about her, who understood her as an individual and made her feel like she’s important and worth their time and attention. Most importantly, she was happy and carefree.

Max has found his passion for …. Dance! We would have never imagined that he would take to dancing but he has. We enrolled him in tap classes late last year and he took to them immediately. His dance teacher ignited his love for dancing and he hasn’t looked back since. I am really happy that he has found something he really likes to do, something just for him. It’s not easy being the middle child.

Our dear Luke turned 2 this February and his speech has taken off. He talks to everyone and everything, half the time we’re not quite sure what he’s saying. He’s a bundle of energy and you can’t seem to keep his little hands away from anything. Food is still is first love followed by our dog Neesha.

This photo was taken on Luke’s 2nd birthday, Grandma managed to find matching outfits for all 3 kids.  Life with the 3 kids has been one huge roller coaster ride, more ups than downs but definitely a ride. I have to admit there were times I felt like pressing the emergency evacuation button and I think I would have certainly have if I didn’t have my stellar husband along with me for this crazy ride.


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