The Homestretch

Ally had to undergo surgery nearly 3 weeks ago. We had prepped her beforehand, letting her know what the procedure would be like and explaining about the post-op care. We knew there would be a substantial amount of pain post-op and we told her so as well.

The surgery went smoothly and she was home the very next day. We were extremely relived and the boys were happy to have her home. Little did we know that she had picked up a virus, we assumed that her high fever was surgery related. She was weak, tired and extremely irritable for about 4 days. She neither ate or drank very much and lost weight rapidly. It was no surprise that she soon became depressed, she couldn’t do much besides rest and this didn’t sit well with her active nature. We were very concerned, it was unlike Ally to get so down. We tried our best to cheer her up and I helped her put her feelings down into a story. It was a difficult week for everyone at home.

3 weeks on and I can confidently say that the worst is over. Ally is back to her old self and her surgical wound seems to be healing nicely. We had fantastic support from family, friends and medical staff, for which we are extremely grateful. Ally can know talk about the whole experience without bursting into tears and I think she’s come out of it an even stronger person.

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  1. Hi, it must be heartpain for your to go through this. Glad that the worst is over and Ally is all well now.

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