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Not A Pretty Sight

Poor Luke has been plagued with eczema and allergies for some time now. It recently got worse when I gave him some cherry tomatoes for a snack. His palm started to swell and later his forearm as the juice of the tomatoes dripped down.

* The photos below are quite graphic, if you’re having a meal it might be best not to scroll down. You’ve been warned

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Thankfully they look worse than he feels. Besides the occasional scratch , he doesn’t seem to be bothered by them. We are about to embark on two week’s of steroid therapy plus tons of moisturizer. Between Ally’s enormous appetite and Luke’s supply of creams, these kids are bursting our piggy bank! Let me just put it on the record, when I grow old and incontinent, they better not put me in generic brand adult diapers.



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