Max And His Twin

Max has started school this year and I am happy to say that he has settled in extremely well. His teachers have commented that he is well-behaved and attentive during lessons. Unfortunately, while he is an angel in school, his mischievous twin rears its head at home.

As a baby, Max was a dream, easy-going, always happy. He blended into our family seamlessly and was an absolute delight. Even at age 2 where many parents experience the terrible 2s, he was still the same placid easy going boy. When he hit 3, his twin appeared. One minute he would be sweet as pie, the next he would be screaming murder.

As he got older, his temper became worse. Whenever he is angry, he would hit out at the nearest object/person next to him. He would have these screaming fits where you can just see his anger and frustration. Honestly , I felt lost. I never experienced such things with Ally and really didn’t know what to do. So I tried to be more firm with him, that didn’t work, I tried to be less firm with him, that didn’t work. I deliberately kept him home with me an extra year to spend time with him and to hopefully work on helping manage his emotions.  After a whole day of tantrum throwing and screaming fits, I felt like I have failed.

He is by far a horrible child, in fact when his temper is in check, he is such fun to be around. The problem is his evil twin appears without warning and just as quickly as it appears, it then disappears. The whining and defiance really gets me upset and then I start fighting his anger with mine which we all know, never works.

I am at a loss at what to do, I do hope that this is really just a phase that he would outgrow as he matures and learns to control his temper and emotions.

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