Full of Shit, literally

For the past few months we have been dealing with Luke’s chronic constipation. As a baby on a milk only diet, he was fine. Then he started semi solid foods and his pipes became clogged. We tried everything, I stopped giving him Apples, Bananas and Carrots, foods known to cause constipation. I did tummy massages, bicycle legs, the warm bath, nothing worked. Finally we put him on medication after he went for a whole two weeks without pooping.

Anyone who has ever been constipated would know the discomfort. Each time he tried to go, he would cry out in pain. It came to the point where he started to hold back whenever he felt the urge to poo. On the advice of his doctor we started to put him on the toilet hoping gravity would help him. This was finally the solution to our problem. The first few times were hard, he cried as usual but didn’t hold back. Once he realised that he could poop easily, it became much better. I kept him on his medication and at the same time added flax seed oil to his meals. He has a jar of prunes everyday and we also increased his water intake. I’m glad to say that things seem to be getting better and I’m sure Luke is happy his pipes are now cleared.



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2 responses to “Full of Shit, literally

  1. Go easy with the prunes. I did that for s too but after some time his body was immune to it. So prunes are now kept as last resort. I now try to rotate the fibre foods so hes body wont get too used to one type. Most Fruits/food that starts with P are very high in fibre, peas, papayas etc. Papaya always works for me. If you can fit onions into his diet, better still. Onions are high in fibre too. But, I think you know all that already. Just being kpoh 😛

  2. I never knew about onions, thanks for letting me know! One thing Luke hates is papaya which is a shame cos I know it works. Will go easy on the prunes, thanks for the tip!

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