Tough Stuff

Ally had her first gymnastics competition today. She has been looking forward to it for months and has spent countless hours practicing, both in the gym and at home.

We reached the gym bright and early to give her time to settle in. She joined her friends for the warm up and was starting to enjoy herself. Her first apparatus was the beam and she did a fantastic job remembering her routine and executing it.


Then came the bars, Ally’s favourite. She saluted the judge, got ready to jump and catch the bars when it happened. She caught hold of the bars but her hand slipped and she fell, hard, onto the mat. She fell on her elbow and immediately started to cry. Her coach ran over to check if she was alright, we iced her elbow and tried to calm her down. At first Matt and I stood back to let her coach see to her, we both knew Ally can be very dramatic over the slightest thing and we didn’t want to make the situation worse. But I soon realise that she could actually be hurt. She could move her arm but didn’t have much strength in her fingers. We knew nothing was broken and so we spoke to her and she agreed to continue with the rest of her competition.


I had tears in my eyes watching her compete. It was obvious that she was in discomfort but she held it together enough to finish her routines. Sure she cried every now and then but when it came for her to perform, she did. The rest of the parents applauded her efforts as well and I’m grateful for their support.

Doing her floor routine

Doing her floor routine

This was an unfortunate accident that could have happened to anyone, anywhere. More importantly, Ally showed us that she had the determination and courage to carry on despite it all. We are so proud of her, my girl is made of tough stuff.

Always a champ in my eyes

Always a champ in my eyes

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