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Food Adventures

Luke has turned 7 months and is slowly getting the hang of eating solid food. Just as I did with Max, we are using the baby led weaning technique. It works for our family cos it means I don’t need to make a separate meal just for Luke, he can eat whatever the older two are having.

I started off with fruits like bananas, poached apples and pears. He has also tried cucumber, brocolli and steamed carrots. Baby led weaning is messy, there’s no two ways about it. Take a look


And more prunes! Prunes are great to help relief constipation

He loves his avocado

Avocado gets slippery over time as the child keeps handling it so they may need so help picking it up

Gumming on his piece of steak and loving it

He liked plain pasta

Loved his oranges as well

Not a fan of watermelon

He was absolutely delighted with his “chicken rice”

When we are out and people watch him eat, they always stare in amazement. One common question everyone asks ” does he have any teeth?”  When I tell them no they look at me like I have horns growing out of my head. Let me clarify, even without teeth he can gum on most foods that are naturally soft or have been steamed/ boiled. Anything that you can mash between your fingers is pretty safe.  Now you’re going to say ” but what about the chicken and steak?”  When we give him meats, he usually sucks on them that’s it. Of course the meat breaks off at times so you have to watch your child at all times. Number one rule of weaning, never leave your baby unattended with food.

At his age he plays with his food more than he eats. It’s about exploration, I don’t force him to eat anything , neither do I place a piece of food into his mouth. With baby led weaning you let the child pick up the food and feed themselves. At times they will put a whole chunk of food into their mouth which may startle you. But they usually know how to push their piece of food back out again, don’t panic. Trying to take a piece of food out of their mouth with your finger could result in you pushing it even further in.

For now Luke seems to be enjoying his food tremendously. He is a very adventurous eater and would try almost anything placed in front of him. After having a fussy eater like Max, I’m hoping Luke will continue to enjoy his food.













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