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Which means “Bring Your Own Water” by the way. We went out for dinner with the children had an unpleasant encounter at Bakerzin North Point.

I ordered food for the children and noticed that they charged $0.30 for water. As it was stated clearly in the menu, I had no issues with this even though I think its ridiculous. What happened next was even more ludicrous. Ally had the seafood pasta, we were told there were no clams and muscles today, okay that’s fine. When her pasta came I found a slice of sausage and a piece of red chili, no doubt from another other dish. It didnt matter much to us cos we’re not vegetarian but I can imagine how upset a vegetarian would be!

That aside, the dish was obviously spicy, Ally kept downing gulps of water with every bite. She finished her glass of water quickly and I asked for a refill. This is where the fun began. I was told that they didn’t provide refills, if I wanted more water , its an additonal $0.30 for a new glass. It’s not like I sat down and didn’t order anything, we each had mains and two cakes. And this was for a child! Not some adult trying to be cheap. I didn’t make a scene, neither was I rude to the wait staff, she didn’t make the policy, her company did. I did tell her how ridiculous it was and refused to pay for another glass of water.

We are definitely not going back there, you want to charge for water, fine , but don’t come and charge me for refills , that’s just ripping your customers off.

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