Fire ! Fire!

Like most boys, Max loves fire engines. I’ve heard and read about the open houses that the fire stations hold every Saturday morning so I took Max to the Yishun Fire Station as a surprise.

We reached there around 9.30am and we were the only people there for the open house. The firemen were busy with their work but they quickly obliged with a tour of the facilities. I had both the boys with me and two of them actually babysat Luke while Max and I had our tour. All the staff were extremely friendly and patient with the boys.

He was thrilled to have a chance to explore the fire engine

He loved playing with the steering wheel

I was pleasantly surprise by the friendliness of the staff and the informative tour. Even though it was just Max and myself, they showed us all around and let Max explore all the different vehicles.

The highlight of the morning was definitely the hose. They set it up for the children and needless to say Max had a blast ( pun intended)

He didn’t want to put the hose down

At the end of the tour they even posed for a group photograph with the boys!

Max had such a great time that he asked me to take him back the following week. Once again we were the only people there for the open house and they gladly set up the hose for him again. This time he was given a firemen’s hat and jacket which he refused to take off for the rest of the morning.



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