An Extremely Happy Girl

It’s the school holidays and we spent the early weeks of it dealing with sick boys. Ally was the last women standing and thankfully didn’t succumb to the horrible virus.

As with every school holiday, shopping malls would have free stage shows and Hi 5 was back once again. As a special treat I took Ally down to watch the show and once again I managed to get the time wrong. It’s a good thing we went earlier rather than later.

Ally loved the show and was on her feet dancing to the songs. I know I’ve mentioned it before but Hi 5 are really fantastic with the children. They would reach out to shake the kids hands, give them high 5s …etc. The crowd was insane but thankfully we had front row seats.

After the show we lined up for the photo taking session, Ally had prepared a card for Lauren once again and this time she had gifts for everyone as well. Lauren actually remembered her from camp last year which thrilled her to bits.

Waiting for the show to begin, she made friends with the little girl sitting beside her

Meeting the cast AGAIN, the blue paper in her hand was the card she made for Lauren

Group picture!

A big hug from her idol

One last picture before we had to go

The cast were also kind enough to sign a shirt for Ally! After we left she could not stop talking about the show and was jumping around all excited. Needless to say, I had a very happy girl the entire day  🙂

Her extremely special and very precious shirt

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