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I Think We’re Going To Make It

3 months on and I think we’re doing alright. By alright it means the children are washed, fed and dressed each day and we manage to make it out the door by 8am for the school run.

When I’m out alone with the 3 kids, the comment I get the most often is ” wah, you’re so brave to handle all 3 on your own, how do you cope?” I guess 2 kids are still the norm and when they realise that my older two are of different genders , they sometimes ask ” you already have a boy and a girl, you still wanted another?”  Such comments don’t offend me, in fact I don’t mind people coming up to speak to me , what I dislike is those who just keep staring at us like we’re animals in the zoo.

I have fantastic days with the children, where I have the energy to do fun things with them, where no one is throwing a tantrum and everything works like a well oiled machine. Then I have days where I just want to crawl into bed and hide, where I am breaking up fights every other minute, where two children are crying while I’m trying to prepare a meal.

Back to the question regarding how I cope. The answer is simple, simplify and plan ahead. We lead very simple lives, our days are fairly routine, the children and I prefer it that way. By routine I mean that meal and nap times are fixed, that’s it. Mornings are spent playing at home or at the playground with grandpa. In the afternoons I do some reading with Ally or we work on her writing or Math. I spend about half and hour to an hour teaching her , but this really depends on how the rest of the day is going, some days nothing gets done at all. Whenever we have some alone time, I’ll grab a book and we’ll read alternate pages or I might ask her to do some simple copy writing while I entertain the boys.

On school days, mornings are the craziest cos I need to get them up, give them their baths and be out the door in an hour. That’s when planning ahead helps! I lay out school clothes the night before as well as her snack bag. Ally is in charge of packing her own bag and making sure she has everything that she needs.

The most essential person in making all this work is definitely the husband. He’s the one who knows when to take the kids off me so that I can have that few minutes of peace. He cleans dirty bums, changes diapers, kisses bumps and bruises and is really a stellar father. He’s the one reassuring me whenever I have “mommy guilt”  , he reminds me to roll with the punches and not get too hung up on things. Most importantly, he makes me laugh and when you have three little munchkins, humor is essential for survival .


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