The Day of No Technology

The children are allowed 1/2 hr of television daily, they usually watch Hi-5 when Ally comes back from school and that’s their TV allowance for the day. After their naps, they are allowed to use the ipad for 20 minutes.

Last Friday, both had their TV and iPad privileges taken away. They knew that they were in BIG trouble and didn’t argue about their punishment. Instead of complaining, they found other ways to amuse themselves and at the end of the day I don’t think they actually missed the tv or the ipad that much.

They fixed puzzles, played make believe games and built structures with their Legos. Does that mean I’m going to cut out TV completely from the kids’ lives? Not exactly, I think 1/2hr a day isn’t too bad but I am going to re-think the ipad issue as I notice the kids tend to squint while using it or they hold it too close while watching videos.


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