Co-sleeping, The Kids Version

Ever since Max turned 1, Ally and him have shared a room. We bought Ally a trundle bed once she moved out of the cot and we placed the cot and her bed adjacent to each other. Even at that young age, Max loved Ally’s company. Soon the little monkey found that he could climb out of his cot. Images of cracked skulls and broken collar bones immediately filled my head so I bought a net to put over his crib. Needless to say he HATED it and cried each time we put him to bed. Matt suggested letting the two kids share a bed and that’s what they have been doing ever since.

Until recently, both of them shared Ally’s single mattress but they’re starting to find it quite a squeeze so we pulled out the trundle, propped up the legs and turned it into a queen size bed. The kids are in 7th heaven, they have a lot more space to sleep play about .

Eventually Luke and Max will share a room and Ally will move into her own room. But while they are still young, we’re going to keep all 3 in the same room. It definitely strengthens the bond between them and they have so much fun, sharing little games/ secrets before bedtime.

Ally 3 monkeys squeezing onto my hospital bed the day Luke was born

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