It’s Getting Easier…. Or So I Thought

I thought I had this 3 children thing down pat, yesterday I managed to get all 3 kids showered and dressed by 9am and we made a trip into town to pick up some things.

We bought what I needed and I even managed to feed the kids and myself at the food court, packed them up into the car and home we went, all under 2 hours.

The rest of the day went rather smoothly, took the kids grocery shopping in the evening and cooked their dinner. So far , so good.

THEN, bedtime came. Luke was starting to get fussy, he usually does the hour or so before bedtime. I had my hands full carrying him while trying to get the older two settled for bed. Anyway I managed to brush their teeth and get them changed, Ally fell asleep very easily, Max was a different story. He tossed and turn and then started to disturb Ally. Luke in the meantime was fussing on and off, the minute he calmed down, I would put him back in his crib only for him to cry again 10 minutes later. When he finally fell into deep sleep, Max woke him up.

I moved Luke to the other room and went to settle him back to sleep, just when Luke fell asleep once again, Max started crying. Put Luke down, went over to check on Max who wanted me to be with him. I felt sorry for Max so I stayed with him and he started to drift off to sleep. Luke decided to wake up for a feed so I had to go and feed him and when Max saw me leaving his bed, he started crying AGAIN.

This went on for awhile till Max finally fell asleep out of pure exhaustion, just as I was about to fall asleep, Luke woke up for another feed. Did I forget to mention that Luke is going through a growth spurt?

Life with 3 kids is never dull, some days everything works like clockwork, other days all well intended plans fall apart. That’s life for you!


One of those days where everything was perfect


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