The Woman Who Makes Moms Like Me Feel Bad

Who am I referring to? This woman is none other than Gina Ford. When Ally was born and having tons of sleep issues, I bought one of Gina’s Ford’s books in the hope that it would provide me a solution. I remember reading it and obviously as a new parent, took it as the gospel truth. A daily routine did help Ally, she thrived on it, but there was no way we could carry out Gina’s Ford’s strict routine. So I devised something similar that suited our lifestyles. It was much easier cos Ally was bottle fed from Day 1.

When Max came along, I now had two kids under 3 to look after. Max was fed on demand and would snack instead of taking a full feed. From the early days you could tell that he wasn’t going to be a Gina Ford baby, I could not force him to drink anymore than he wanted which resulted in many little feeds during the day. I remember taking out the same book, reading it and then throwing it at the wall as it just seemed completely ridiculous. I had no heart to let my son “cry-down” as advised in the book. After a month, Max made his own routine , his feeds got more regular, his sleep patterns more obvious. Bliss! And I didn’t have to subject him to crying it out on his own.

Luke is now nearly 3 weeks old, he is my biggest baby and feeds well during the day. Towards evening and later at night he can start to get a bit fussy . This is when his tummy seems to start acting up as well. Obviously I haven’t learned my lesson cos once more that dreaded book was whipped out. I wanted to know if there was a way I could help him sleep for longer stretches during the night. The more I read the book, the more absurd it all seemed, especially with 2 older children to care for. Unless I clone myself, there was no way I could put Luke on any sort of routine.

Ms Ford has her points, yes children need a routine, it helps them feel settled since they know exactly what’s going to happen next. They also need a good night’s sleep, as do the parents! But her methods just do not work for my family, and I honestly feel they are far too rigid for babies who are totally breastfed. At times baby might just be thirsty and so he doesn’t take a full feed, then what? Do you count that as a feed? Do you try to ” force” him to drink more?

I’ve decided to put away Ms Ford’s book forever, it serves no purpose except to make me long for a ” text-book” baby instead of appreciating the unique individual that I have. In the meantime, fans of Ms Ford, please don’t come after me with pitch forks. I am sleep deprived and hormonal, you don’t want to mess with me.


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2 responses to “The Woman Who Makes Moms Like Me Feel Bad

  1. Another snap! I no like aunty ford. I also dunno why I made myself read her book twice! Did you know shes not even a mother?! Anyway, here’s another reason why aunty ford is no good

  2. Jus

    Jillan, congrats! Sorry its so late, we’ve been so busy! Anyway, Luke is a darling. And I totally agree about Gina Ford. We tried the routine on number 2, worked until he was 2 mths old. After that I improvised, cos with an older child in the picture the routine just doesn’t work!

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