Day By Day

We are all still adjusting, some days are better than others. Right now I’m down with a cold and it seems Ally is headed the same way. Max has been testing everyone’s patience and at times it’s hard to be patient with him. But he does have his sweet moments and I try to spend some time with him after we drop Ally off at school. Today we went for pancakes and he really enjoyed the attention.

I haven’t had time to take many photos, free time is either spent with the older two, or catching up on sleep. My sewing machine is gathering dust and I don’t even know when I’ll get a chance to sew something simple. Thanks to Matt we’ve managed to keep our life pretty routine. He’s all hands on deck the minute he steps through the door and puts up with the occasional outburst from his hormonal wife.  I’m just taking things day by day, as Matt always says, no use worrying about things beyond our control. In the meantime, a picture of my two favourite boys.

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