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The First Week

We’ve been a family of 5 for about 4 days now and everyone is still adjusting. For me , sleep deprivation is the worst, Luke wakes up every 1 1/2 -2 hours during the night which means just as I am falling into a deep sleep, I’m awaken.

Ally adores her new brother, she is like a mother hen , constantly checking on him and lavishing him with kisses. Max on the other hand is slowly adapting. It’s not easy being the middle child, suddenly he’s no longer the baby and seems a bit lost and confused. He loves Luke and will occasionally come over to give him a kiss. But he’s also been testing our patience, losing his temper easily and being defiant. We know it’s the initial adjustment and hopefully he’ll get over this soon. I have to admit it’s hard to be patient with him at times, especially when my mind is in a haze from the lack of sleep.

From experience, I know the first two weeks are always the hardest. We’re not pass week 1 yet and so far I think we’re off to a pretty good start. * fingers crossed*

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