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Ally Is Reading

A few weeks ago Ally had a reading assessment in school and the teacher told us that she could read. We were kind of surprise because we haven’t actively coached her with her reading. Grandma is the only one who has been patient enough to go through her Peter and Jane books but even then it’s done as and when Ally expresses interest. I did notice that she has been pointing out signs and asking us what they meant.

Her school has a really good reading program, children are assessed and graded according to their ability. Each week during library day, they get to take home a reader according to their reading level. The teacher sits down one on one with each child to listen to that child read and makes notes in their reading book. Parents are asked to continue with the reader at home and to jot down comments or questions.

Right now Ally is reading at level 1 which is the most basic. By the third day, she knew her reader and all the words in it so we went to the library to borrow more books. Right now she is getting by with reading those thick board books meant for babies. The font sizes are nice and big and there are pictures to help her along with the words. She has really picked up quite quickly and we’re so proud of her. I really hope that she’ll grow up to love reading like I do.

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