The Home Stretch

The lack of updates all boil down to one simple reason, I’ve been lazy! Now that we’re in the home stretch awaiting G’s arrival, the kids and I spend most afternoons at home. I’m not in the mood to take them out and they seem contented playing with their toys. This usually results in cabin fever by Wednesday, both of them would be driving each other and me up the walls. That’s when I know we all need to get out for some fresh air.

Besides staying home I have been honing my referee skills. There is constant bickering between the two, sometimes from the moment they get up. If it’s early on in the day I still have the patience to explain, cajole and pacify the both of them. By late afternoon my patience would have begun to wear thin and this would now become my standard reply to ” Mama! ____ did this! _____ pushed me!”   I would turn around and say ” if no one is bleeding or injured, sort it out between yourselves, I don’t want to hear any more whining or complaining, do you hear me?!”

Ah, the words of a sleep deprived , hormonal and highly irritable mother.

I marvel at the moms who seem to have endless patience, who always answer their children sweetly even when their child has asked the same question for the 100th time. I was obviously not born with that sort of saintly patience.

The countdown to G’s arrival has begun, as Ally announced this morning ” Mama, soon there will be 3 monkeys in the house!”  One can only imagine what life would be like then!

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