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What I Wish People Knew About My Children

A friend asked me this question the other day, ” what’s the one thing you wished people knew about your children?”  I thought long and hard but couldn’t come up with one answer. I’m lucky that most of my friends either have children of their own or are very understanding. They know that I can never make a lunch appointment cos it clashes with the children’s nap time. They also understand that we eat dinner at an insanely early time of 5pm. But I do have one or two friends who don’t understand why the kids catch a cold every other month, why they need to be in bed by 8pm and why they need a daily routine. They are the ones who offer “advice” or adopt a holier than thou attitude.

To these friends and to others who give me strange looks when my kids misbehave, I would like to say, my kids are not miniature adults, sometimes they fuss, cry or throw a tantrum. It doesn’t make them bad or naughty children, it just means they are children. I don’t expect them to put up with my children’s bad behavior since I don’t but a little patience and understanding would be greatly appreciated.



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