New Year’s Resolution

For this year I’ve only one resolution, to try and be more patient with the children. Many times I forget that a toddler does take forever to put on their shoes and I stand there impatiently saying ” hurry up Max!” while the poor boy is struggling to get his feet into his sandals.

Yesterday I had errands to run, boring things that involved long car rides and some waiting. The children had to tag along but I did promise them a special treat after dinner. They were well behaved the entire afternoon and didn’t complain the entire time. We sat down for dinner and the kids took AGES to eat, they were busy chatting to each other, fiddling about and well, just being kids. Instead of telling them off like I usually would, I took a deep breath and said nothing. After all, we didn’t have anything else planned so what was the big deal ? Both kids were too excited about their special treat and hardly ate their dinner. I decided to let that go as well, one meal wasn’t going to kill anyone.

And so we walked down Holland Village hand in hand and headed for some ice-cream. I gave them the freedom of choosing whatever they wanted. The looks of joy on their face was priceless, I love that they are at that age where the simple things in life are still delightful. We took our time eating our treats, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company.

They definitely had an overdose of chocolate and were giggling in the car all the way home


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