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Sometimes It’s Me First

I’m sure not everyone is going to agree with me but I have found that to be a better mother, sometimes I have to put myself first.

Before the start of the new year I was going through the children’s schedules and realised that there was no way we could continue with it. I was getting more tired and really didn’t enjoy running around each afternoon ferrying them to their activities.

So I decided to scale back and just keep to 1 class per child for now, I chose their swim class since it’s the closest to home. But in the last few weeks my back has really been bothering me and I realised that if I accompanied Max for his swim lessons, I would be exhausted the rest of the day.  I made the decision to stop Max’s swim class and just let Ally continue since she swims independently. Then the mommy guilt hit, was I wrong to deprive the kids of their activities that they enjoyed so much? Thankfully the ever practical husband came along to save the day, not only was he supportive of my decision but he said don’t forget to look after yourself as well.

You know what? He’s right. To be a better mom I had to look after myself first and foremost, both mentally and physically. My mother provides me that breather when she takes the kids on Wednesday nights and Matt helps out a lot as well..

I would do anything for my children, but not at the expense of losing who I am as an individual. I feel it’s important for Ally to know that a woman isn’t just a mother and wife, she’s also her own person who has interests and needs like everyone else.  When I look at it from a practical point of view, I’m sure the kids aren’t missing out just because they aren’t attending their music and gym classes, in fact, these few months of down time could do all of us a lot of good.


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